This is our first summer as pool owners - we bought our house in November. The previous owners hadn't opened the pool in two years and so it was essentially a backyard swamp when we opened it up. We were using the pool guy our sellers had used, and he was helpful for getting the water cleaned up (and then I found this site, which has helped us learn how to maintain), but he works on pools on the side and doesn't "do lights," so we're trying to figure out how to handle our light situation. I've attached pics, but in short, the circular frame that goes around the lens of the light is all corroded and broken. The back housing looks in good shape. The light had been sunk to the bottom of the pool (swamp) with a brick, so I'm thinking it was the poor water conditions that ruined it? Pool Guy pulled it up onto the deck for us, and we've been swimming for the last several weeks with the light up on the deck and held in place with heavy rocks (the cord is still threaded through).

From what I've read, it seems like we just need to get a replacement part, and a new gasket and probably a new bulb, and do this work ourselves... But we don't know what we don't know, and so I thought I'd put this out there and see if anyone with more experience can tell us if there's anything more to it?

The other piece of this for us is that the recent news stories about electrocutions has us a little nervous about the pool light. This is a 120v light. Is it really safe? Is it an option to simply pull the light out altogether?

Anything else we should be thinking about?