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Thread: Question about rain

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    Question about rain

    And algae growth...

    Right now pool is setting at:
    Perfect numbers. However, it rained heavy last night and added a few inched to my 25K gal pool.

    This morning I added a half gallon of 6% because of the rain. Pool was clear, I did not test FC this morn, just had to head out to work. I got the numbers above this evening.

    However, there is a little bit of light coat of green in some areas of the shallow end and on the slopes of the deep end.

    What do you think I should raise FC to in order to keep this at bay?

    Finished my first SLAM about 2 weeks ago, passed OCLT. Its been crystal clear since. So this happens right after the rain. This is my first rain since starting trouble free pool system, so I just need to confirm what to do next.

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    Re: Question about rain

    I would take it to the high end of the range and see what happens. It might just be debris blown in during the rain. A properly chlorinated, clean pool (which is what yours sounds like) should not at all be affected by the rain. There are several of us that divert rainwater from our roofs for free fillups.
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    Re: Question about rain

    What's your daily FC drop?
    According to:

    You don't want your FC to drop below 3. This is key, Rain itself doesn't cause Algae growth, low FC allows it.. At times large amounts of rain (on a pool with borderline FC) can drop you below the minimum...then you get the dreaded green crud.

    I had 3" of rain one day, but I had my FC at the top end of the spectrum, this made me safe and sound. Keep yours at the higher end and you should be fine....if not a quick SLAM will kill it off if you've kept on your feet with the levels.
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