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Thread: Liquid Chlorine or Bleach for Vinyl Liner to help kill algae?

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    Unhappy Liquid Chlorine or Bleach for Vinyl Liner to help kill algae?

    Hi There,

    I am having an algae nightmare over here. Long story short my pump was getting old and we bought a new one but it took 2 days for my husband to figure out how to hook it up correctly so that was 2 days of no filtering. Before we changed out the pump the pool was getting cloudy, not green, but cloudy. Then 2 days of no filtering was all it took to have a big green problem. I don't have an advanced test kit but with the kit I do have my chlorine is between 2 to 3 (we shocked it this morning) and my PH is between 6.8 and 7.2. We have been working to bring the PH up and we have the chlorinator on high. My question is this: Should I get the PH up before I continue to shock the pool or do I continue to shock the pool to get rid of the algae? Also, I have a liner and have always used the bags of shock, can I use liquid chlorine or bleach, and if so which one is better and where would I get it and how much do I use?

    The pool store said not to run the pump 24/7 but what I read here was to keep it running to get rid of the problem so I don't know which is right. I'm so confused on what to do. The pump is off right now and the plan was to put it on first thing in the morning, brush the sides and put in shock and let it run while we're at work, once we get home we would put in Soda Ash to bring the PH up to help hold the chlorine.

    I'm sorry if I'm rambling and I did read the article on algae and on Slamming but I'm so confused on where to really begin.
    Donna - Toms River, NJ
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    Re: Liquid Chlorine or Bleach for Vinyl Liner to help kill algae?

    Hi Donna, Welcome.

    Lets start out by choosing which advice you'd like to go with because if you go with the Pool Store, it will not match what TFP says and if you go with TFP, it will not go with what the Pool Store says.

    Now that we have that out of the way, lets slow down here and start out with a good reliable test kit. To take control of the pool, you're going to need one. There are 2 to choose from and they are the K2006 and the TF100. You will get a better deal with the TF100 as you will get more reagents. I would recommend you get the TF100 XL since you are going to be SLAM'ing the pool.You can look at them here Test Kit Comparison

    We need test results. We can't possibly recommend a SLAM FC Level without knowing your CYA level because FC and CYA share a special relationship together, just like TA and pH share a relationship and work off of each other.

    So. How about we look at a few educational pool links to get started?

    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    Chlorine CYA Chart
    Overnight FC Loss Test

    If you have any more questions, please ask. We want to help you understand and maintain your pool on your own, the TFPC (Trouble Free Pool Care) way.
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Liquid Chlorine or Bleach for Vinyl Liner to help kill algae?

    Just want to say welcome and say that's Casey's advice is spot on.
    If you want to go the TFP route, there are a great bunch of folks here who will help guide you through the process.

    The most important thing you can do is order a recommended test kit ASAP. I also recommend the TF-100 as I have it and it is worth every penny.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Liquid Chlorine or Bleach for Vinyl Liner to help kill algae?

    It is likely that the pool store method involves adding unnecessary chemicals to make the dead particles in your water drop out of suspension with the pump off then they tell you to vacuum these up. In our opinion such flocculants are almost never needed as the suspended particles can be caught by your filter in normal operation. Just try to remember the pool store is not your friend, they give advice that maximizes their chances to sell you chemicals, not advice on what will be best for you and your pool with the minimal amount of work.
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