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Thread: Dirt in pool not getting caught by sand filter. Added D.E.

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    Dirt in pool not getting caught by sand filter. Added D.E.

    Thanks to this wonderful place I am able to do a ton of research before I do anything pool related. I've noticed in the past few weeks I keep getting fine dirt/pollen on the seams on my liner. If I waved my hand near it, it would disappear and go away. I'd vacuum it up (sock on the skimmer) and still it would return. To be fair I have a field behind my house and I get significant dirt/dust on my outside tables...etc. I am 100% sure it is dirt and not organic. I'll post my test results to be clear.

    My issue is the dirt is brown in colour and after doing some research I discover that I can add D.E to my filter to help catch finer particles that my sand filter will not catch. So I followed the instructions in pool school on adding D.E to the sand filter and did the steps to a tee. Great. I noticed today the dirt returned to the seams but was now white. I guess the D.E with it.

    Is my sand filter channeling? I would just take the multi-valve off but it is not unionized so I have to redo the connections which I'll do if I need to remove. Just curious if guesses on what is happening before i cut some pipe and investigate. Thanks!

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    Re: Dirt in pool not getting caught by sand filter. Added D.E.

    Try holding a sock or nylon in front of a return jet to see if it coming from the filter. If you catch junk in the sock, it is probably time to open up the filter and inspect the laterals for cracks.
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