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Thread: 2 Year Long Pool Pump/Filter Mystery - HELP!

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    Exclamation 2 Year Long Pool Pump/Filter Mystery - HELP!

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    We made the mistake of going with a newer pool company who was giving us a better deal than Leslie's for a filter/pump combo. They gave us a 3 year warranty, but we can't seem to get them to do anything but blame us for 2 years of pool problems. We call Pentair, who only warranties their equipment for 1 year so we're forced to go through our crappy pool company for the other 2 years. From today, we should have 1 more year of warranty and I'm worried we'll get the run around and end up being out of warranty with nothing ever getting fixed.

    We suffer from constantly cloudy water that's sometimes greenish, despite being on Leslie's Algae Free Guarantee. Our regular bi-weekly water tests at Leslie's show usually perfect chemistry. We're in a Leslie's store 2-3 times a week working with the manager directly, and he's comped us many of the chemicals because he knows we're doing everything right and it's not our fault (he's awesome like that). We're going through chlorine at a hurried rate, and we've gone through bottles of algacide and clarifier, in addition to weekly treatments of Phos Free per Leslie's recommendation. But yet, nearly every time we turn on the filter, we get a whoosh of cloudy water, sometimes white sometimes brown-ish green, coming out of our pool jets that keeps our pool in a constant cycle of ick.

    We had a Pentair tech out this past April after nagging our pool company to finally do something. The tech came out, looked into our water, never looked at the pump/filter, and said "change the sand." This is not even 2 year old sand, mind you. But we knew if we didn't do it, our pool company would say "well you didn't do what you were supposed to." We changed our old sand (which was pristine white still) and put in Zeolite per Leslie's recommendation. This didn't resolve the problem at all. We bought a brand new pool vacuum, a Zodiac, no difference. We replaced o-rings and the push-pull valve for backwash, and even replaced the backwash line... no improvement. We've checked for wet spots in the yard along the plumbing and found nothing. The pool company tells us we must not be backwashing enough, despite us at one point we were backwashing several times a WEEK. Leslie's has had us scale back to build up pressure, but nothing is working. We really feel this filter needs to be opened up and inspected, but we can't seem to convince the pool company to do so (probably because it's expensive).

    So it's now July, and we still can't go swimming unless we don't mind swimming in what looks like a pond. We went on vacation for 6 days recently, setting the pump to go off daily per Leslie's recommendations. The day we left, there was a power outage and it reset so it never ran while we were gone. We came home to a beautiful, sparkling pool we could see the bottom in! I backwashed before running the filter to make sure it washed out good so nothing would blow back into the pool, but when I ran it for the pool the same thing as before happened - whoosh of cloudy whitish-green water out of the jets, turning the whole pool cloudy and slightly green again

    Suggestions? Thoughts? We're at our wit's end!!!

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    Re: 2 Year Long Pool Pump/Filter Mystery - HELP!

    You may want to start with Pool School:

    You need to get a good test kit.
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    Re: 2 Year Long Pool Pump/Filter Mystery - HELP!


    I know it might seem very overwhelming, but if you follow the instructions on this forum we can get you straightened out in short order. As the poster above said, get one of the recommended test kits and run a full battery of tests and then post them here. That will give us a starting point with good info. Pool store tests are woefully inaccurate and we wont generally give you any advice using those results.

    I have seen case after case on here where someone just like you comes here out of frustration looking for help and within a couple of weeks you are testing your own water, know what all the stuff does that you put into it, and probably never set foot in a pool store again. This site really is that helpful. We just need good info to work from.

    Doesn't it sound good when we say pool maintenance is as easy as a quick water test that you do on your own, pouring in some household bleach, and enjoying crystal clear water all summer? The other chemicals we MIGHT tell you to add is stabilizer (Walmart), Baking soda, 20 mule team borax soap, and maybe some acid. Those are all inexpensive and likely a one time addition, or once a month at most if you keep your chlorine levels steady.

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    Re: 2 Year Long Pool Pump/Filter Mystery - HELP!

    Hi, welcome to TFP! I just want to say as we get started please don't feel put off by our asking for test results and recommending an FAS/DPD test kit. Years of experience has taught us that most pool water problems are based in water chemistry rather than equipment malfunctions, so we start with examining the water chemistry and go from there. It is possible you are dealing with both. If you can post a copy of your most recent test results that will help us determine what is going on in your pool. Since we can't put eyes on your pool, please provide us with the next best thing, pictures and/or video. A long shot of the whole equipment pad and closer shots of the plumbing detail are also helpful and also include a long shot of the pool in its current state in daylight and a shot looking straight down at the steps. If you can provide video of the filter cranking out dirty water when you turn the pump on please include a shot of the setting on the filter. Some of my questions may seem a bit odd, but please bear with me.

    When the pool was first installed, how long was it before you noticed dirty water coming out of the filter?
    When you change from filter to backwash do you turn off the filter before turning the valve handle?
    What size is your filter? (24", 34", ect)
    How long do you backwash?
    How long do you rinse after a backwash?
    What are the speed/rpm settings on your pump?
    What do you currently use to chlorinate the water?
    Have you changed chlorine sources since opening the pool?

    We are glad you found TFP! We should be able to help you get your pool back in shape.
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