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Thread: Advice on pool re-line and other stuff.

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    Advice on pool re-line and other stuff.

    Next season we will be putting a new liner in our 27' ABG. The current one is dirty, not to mention my cove runs from about 4" in one spot to about 14" in another, and the bottom has all kinds of footprints in it.

    I am looking for advice on a couple of topics

    1) I am already planning on getting the thickest liner I can find - any recommendation on a good place to get one (on line)

    2) Current liner is a clip liner. Is converting to a bead worth it ?

    2) I would really like to get rid of the sand and use either a gorilla pad, or styrofoam panels (and a foam cove). Any prefrences or advice?

    3) My pool is about 1" out of level, I want to relevel it (by dropping the high side of course) - anbody do this before ?

    4) My pool uprights are on peices of slate, not patio blocks, I plan on removing the slate and putting in blocks, which will be thicker, so I will did deeper to virgin ground.

    5) I have an out of plumb (by about 3 inches) post - that will be re set.

    Just for some background - I did NOT install this pool. I am a Type A personality with degrees in civil engineering and construction. I take my time and build things right. According to my neighbor, the previous owner who put this pool in "did things as cheaply as possible, wanted it done in a day, and usualy involved a case of beer.".

    So any advice on correcting a pool that has been standing for about 6 years now, and apparently is doing "OK" but is not really as good as it should be.


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    Re: Advice on pool re-line and other stuff.

    I would suggest a total tear down at this point Dave. Lot of work but do-able.

    If I had a choice between sand and the foam board, I'd go with the foam board. I've done sand and it's a bear to deal with. Once my liner goes or I get an itching for a new one, I'll start gathering materials for mine.

    Google around for liners. I bought mine at It's Portifino and depending on the depth of your wall (48", 52", 54") will be dependent on your options. I'm not sure though if you had a 48" wall if you could use a Jhook or beaded liner. You'll have to see what different companies offer. Jhook is the way to go though. You just hook it on the wall at 12, 3, 6 and 9 oclock and go 1,4,7,10 oclock and it's on.

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