I'm new to this forum/website. I've been reading A TON of stuff from this site. I am wanting to give you my story briefly. I used to have an in-ground pool for 8 years. Did all the maintenance myself using almost all advice from my local pool store. Moved and put in a 33 ft above ground pool. I did the same as before. 8 years later and I have lost complete control of my pool. In the past, I tested my own water (TC/PH/TA only) and took some into the pool store for them to test. They rarely matched my numbers and tested for other stuff as well. About four years ago, things seemed OK. I had my trichlor chlorine tabs in floater and shocked with Calcium Hypochlorite. They said "oh you should be using only Dichlor". Well after three full summers of throwing Dichlor and tons of money into my pool. Spending every weekend at the pool store buying more of their products to "fix" my problem (phosfree/algicide/etc.) and still ending up with a green swamp. I hated my pool. I even started blaming my brushes, pool steps, my teenage kids for not brushing often enough. A couple of weeks ago, they said "oh, your cya is sky high (250ish). You need to drain your pool and start over and come back and see us". All those test and only now they tell me my cya number and why they can't help me. I feel they created this problem.

I stumbled upon this website looking for help. You guys have described my scenario over and over. I am so looking forward to getting my cya down (by draining 1 foot at a time) and only using the BBB method. I am a science nerd and am embarrassed to have bought the pool store scam. It all makes total sense. I feel liberated from my pool store and look forward to enjoying my pool. Now I will sit back and wait for my friends to see the light.

I hope to post often and will keep you guys up to date on how thing come out.

From a New BBB'er. Jeff