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Thread: brown dust

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    brown dust

    Ive been getting a constant yellowish and brown dust in my pool. I vac out to waste , and the next day its all back ,it actually looks like Tumble weeds that form in deep end and on my slopes.I also had this Problem last year as well. Ive been doing the TFPM this year, but im tempted to go get a Yellow Mustard Algae treatment, but will try and hold off. I just vaccumed again, and scrubbed walls, then Chlorinated to kill whatever I kicked up. Waiting for water level to come back up, then Ill run Pump all night. My #'s today were Total Chl=1.0 Free Chl =1.0 Ph=7.2 Alk=50 Calcium Hardness=70 Stabilizer=40. Chlorine levels were taken before I dumped 2 Gal of 8.25 Bleach in , after I vaccuumed and scrubbed. Thanks for any suggestions
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    Re: brown dust

    I have had alot of windy days which leads to alot of pollen and debris being blown into my pool. Could this be the case with yours?

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    Re: brown dust

    Do these tumbleweeds just go poof and disappear when you get neat them with a brush or vacuum? That's algae clumping. Sort of like dustbunnies, but under water instead of under the bed.

    The problem is right here: "My #'s today were Total Chl=1.0 Free Chl =1.0 Ph=7.2 Alk=50 Calcium Hardness=70 Stabilizer=40."

    With 40 CYA, the FC should never dip below 3. That means when you dose, you aim for 5 or 6 or whatever it takes to have it read 3 or better when you test the next day.

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