I am looking at a new pump/sand filter combo to replace the Intex 1600gph pump/ sand filter combo due to a intermittent noisy pump. Figured for a little more then a pump only I get a bigger filter also.

Is there a max size filter for a 3/4 or 1hp pump, or only a minimum size filter for "x" size pump? Local pool store has a 1hp pump/16" filter combo for about $300, but I can order a 3/4hp/16" combo for about $210, or a 1hp/19" combo for about $240 online. Between the 3/4hp/16", 1hp/16", or 1hp/19" combos, which is the most efficient filter set up all else being equal (plumbing, pool size, etc?

Is a smaller pump, 3/4hp/16", going to be better than a 1hp/16" due to the water flow being slightly slower?

I have not taken the pump apart yet in fear that if I do, I will be without a pump worse case scenario for a day or two.