Just finished building a pool and I opted for 2 of the Pentair 5G Intellibright LED lights for the pool and also 3 of the MagicStream LED Laminars. I also got the intellibright controller from Pentair and in theory it should work just flawlessly, however it's giving me a major headache. For 3 days I have been playing in an effort to understand the controller, but I think something is weird with it. It's either miss-wired or it is faulty because it doesn't do what it should. Don't get me wrong, the lights with a mind of their own, look great but it would be nice if they actually did what they are supposed to do. Back yard is not done yet, still a lot more to do to finish it up, but pool is done.

For example, The controller is set for American Mode, which should show RED/WHITE/BLUE nevertheless it shows green as well.

See it in this video

In other modes, just seems to do whatever it feels like it, even in solid colors it cycles through some strange 'schedule' of colors.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated