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Thread: Slow SLAM progress -- related to circulation ?

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    Slow SLAM progress -- related to circulation ?

    I have seen a few cases recently where people who seem to be following the SLAM process correctly are seeing very slow progress AND the usual complications (leaves on bottom, algae behind light or in ladder rungs) do not seem to be present. Other folks then sometimes post that a "nuclear shock" helped them where a regular SLAM did not -- don't think that's the answer but it seems to me there probably is something else slowing progress.

    Based on my own limited experiences SLAM-ing a hot tub (you there in the back, stop snickering) and re-reading a number of threads, I'm starting to suspect that the common problem with these slow SLAMs may be insufficient circulation which results in *local* areas of low FC, allowing algae to grow in these areas even if a suitable FC level is being maintained in the pool as a whole.

    In these cases, adding an insane amount of chlorine might help because it would probably raise FC levels everywhere and have a good chance of raising the areas with poor circulation to a sufficiently high FC level to get the algae level trending down rather than up. Of course the same could be said for more-resistant-than-normal algae, or a number of other causes.

    At the moment I don't have any great suggestions for how the current practices should be changed if this did turn out to be a common problem -- I don't think nuclear SLAM is the right answer -- but wondering if it's something we should be asking about or experimenting with a bit when SLAMs seem to go on forever in the future.

    Just a thought...
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    Re: Slow SLAM progress -- related to circulation ?

    Everyone should be brushing daily during the slam. That will insure the water mixes well even with pockets of poor circulation, and any protective films on the algae are removed. I imagine this step is often skipped due to time constraints. That would be a good question to ask for slow to clear pools.
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    Re: Slow SLAM progress -- related to circulation ?

    There is a reason for the upper limits we suggest. SLAMming the pool to unlimited levels makes no sense. In addition to the very real damage to equipment and liners, If 100 ppm is really helpful, then why not 2000 ppm?

    We have to have a speed limit on the forum. you can certainly go as fast as you want but what we KNOW is the limits suggested are safe and they work. Everything else and you are on your own.

    Far, Far, Far and away the most common problem for a slow SLAM is failure by the poster to maintain SLAM values. No one really wants to admit that but those of us on the forum 365 x 7 years see it time and time again.

    If you are willing to commit to the SLAM process (stop being stingy with the chlorine) the process works.....every time and mostly on time.

    The filtration part of the SLAM is the most common failure and, more than anything else, that is either inadequate sizing of the filtration system or poster's failure to understand the importance of cleaning the system....probably about 65-70% inadequate filtration system and the other 30% not understanding how to clean the system.
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