Hi all,

Hoping someone has troubleshooting suggestions for me. I have the exact same symptoms as DonM in: http://www.troublefreepool.com/threa...400VSP-Failure, but slightly different circumstances. We were away for a few days over the 4th of July and came back to the Circuit Breakers for the pump and Heater had been tripped and the 'Service Light' on the control panel lite. I reset the breakers and now get the VSP Comm Error on the display. With the control panel off, so the pump is stand-alone, it shows Input Voltage OK, 0 W, Serial number 0, Drive Rev: 0. When it first powers up, the display flashes: Warning No Comm. From the Hayward Tech Manual, with that error and 0's for serial and rev numbers, you should replace the interface. My question, has anyone run into this and successfully fixed it with just replacing the interface. A second question, is there any way to bypass the interface and put the pump into a manual mode, so I get some circulation while I'm waiting for a replacement interface (and ensure the pump motor is still working).

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.