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Thread: I Hate my Pool!

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    I Hate my Pool!

    We have a intex 16' Round Pool and ever since purchasing it 4 yrs ago it has been a nightmare.
    we can never seem to get the water clear,except for short periods
    we have no pool shops around here so we kinda just go on the advice of other pool owners and thier experiences.
    We have discovered that we have a metals problem,we assume mostly iron.
    when we fill our pool it has a green tinge to it(we use well water)its not an algea green,more like a clear green,once we had chlorine then our pool turns to a lovely brown color! we have tried many metal outs and stain prevents and none of these seem to do the trick!
    we just want a nice decently clear pool and are open to any suggestions you might have on how we could acheive this.

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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    I'd look into a Metal Trap filter from Pure Start. Water Warehouse sells them, and you can also get them at

    $57 for 10,000 gallons of filtering or $120 for 25,000 gallons, but I suspect that depends on how heavy the iron concentration is.

    Otherwise, hauling your water is your best option.
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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    I'm so sorry, I have been in your shoes a few times this summer!

    These guys around here are the BEST and they seem to know just about everything about everything pool related.

    Not only that, they can make a pool fool like me understand their directions!

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly that has a plan of attack.
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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    I would like to see your chemistry. In particular...FC, CC, pH, TA and CYA. What do you use to sanitize your pool? Trichlor, bleach, etc..

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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    Step 1: If you can go ahead and invest in a good test kit (duraleigh on this forum sells a TF-100 kit, which I use - it's great)...there are other kits, too, you can read through some posts and get ideas...but you want the drop test kits.
    Get a full set of test results and post them back onto this thread, and then once you start trying out what folks tell you, you'll Love your pool.
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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    When my kids were small we used to fill the little baby pool with well water. (it' all we had). It was fine for the first 10 or so hours...then turned totally brown. If you can use city water I think that will help.
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    Re: I Hate my Pool!

    One of the problems is these intex pools hold gunk around the tube under the water line...This also causes a great deal of problems...However it does sound like it is the well water. I had the 16 foot round...for 5 years the kids loved it while they were young...however, if it went even two or three days without care it turned green...the pumps are not strong enough to filter the size of the pool...the little filters stink. You might want to invest in a bigger pump and filter if you plan on keeping it.
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