This is our first year with an intex above ground pool. It's 17,000 gallon metal frame pool. It currently has what appears to be copper sediment and green algae. My fiancÚ first started the problems with adding too much salt as the reader was reading low salt due to build up. We have never shocked the pool or added anything besides salt. We set up as directed with the instructions. We do have well water. Please help get this under control so we can actually use this pool. It's been one problem after another. We have algeacide but he's afraid to add any chemicals as it's a "saltwater" pool. I also bought salt water stabilizer( cyanuric acid) and salt cell protector to stop the buildup on the salt cell. None of these has been added as I'm unsure the order with the current situation. He continues to scrub the pool and run on "boost" mode, but this isn't helping.