Hi Guys purchased a home and it has a 36k gallon pool, the pool motor seized up and died, I asked the previous owner, she never changed the motor, I'm figuring the motor is old as the house, about 18 years old. I was looking and seeking on-line for new pool pumps. The current pump is a Jacuzzi 1.5h, Hayward DE7720 filter, DE filter bagger, cholorinator, clearwater ionizer (model 1100),spa and small waterfall, Aqualink RS4 controller panel outside and inside controller as well.. the pump worked for about 2 weeks and went silent.. I'm going to change the pump and was needing your input.. plumbing seems 2 inches all around excent for skimmer looks like 1.5 inches. there are 2 on the top and possible deep and low end as well. I was thinking of replacing the pump to the intelliflow 3hp 11018 pump model or the superflow 1.5hp or 2hp model. my current electric cost is about .18 cents p/kw Since I live in NJ (08823) I can only get to use the pool about 3 months max.. I have a electrician and plumber who will both install the pump for me.. are there an speciafi warranty issues if not insatlled by pool company? Also I was think of adding the 40K Hayward pool salt cholorinator.. Would this interfere with my water ionizer? I have well water that is cleaned via whole house filter.. plumbing is really messed up..

Upgrade to Pentair 1.5/2.o hp superflow pump(local pool guy wants $699 (amazon under $300 to $400) or 3hp Intelliflo pump(local pool guy $1899 plus install) Amazon $877?

Upgrade to Hayward salt water chlorinator? worth the money ($1,100) just for the unit and cell online, local pool store want $1699.

Will the pool pump work with my current Jandy equipment? or Do I need to upgrade to the Iaqualink -900RS? Will this work withmy current Jandy RS4 controller locted insiode my home?

Is it worth getting these upgarde together?

Sorry, If kept on running on and on, I'm new the pool scene and local pool guys charge $185 just for visit.. just to see my issue or problem.