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Thread: From Pond to Pool

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    From Pond to Pool

    We bought our house 11 years ago and with it came a pool. We wanted to fix the pool up but there was always something else needing to be done, so the pool was put on hold. My wife said fix it or fill it in, its embarrassing, So this was the year to finally do it. I've done all the work myself except pouring the concrete (thanks to my neighbor) and the vermiculite & liner(pool company). I think I started in March and filled it with water on July 14th. We still have alot of plans for the landscaping which has not even been started yet, maybe in a few weeks after I spend time swimming with the kids.

    Just some of the concrete that was broken up

    We also had about 10 to 15 bull frogs living in the pool & one turtle who appeared this year

    Digging out the walls to repair the panels where they used wedges to hold them together. I used stainless stell brackets & bolts to replace the wedges

    Ground water was always a problem. I had never seen the bottom.

    I had to repair the skimmer which was not installed correctly & then pressure tested the lines after I relocated the pump & filter to the other side.

    Installing a light was a must

    Used a ladder so I didn't fall in while installing the light

    My wife thought the concrete was not going to come clean... good ol pressure washer

    Put in 12 tons of gravel brought it up to 6 ft from 8ft & made the slope from shallow to deep end less drastic

    2 yrds of topsoil to repair the sides & the plastic was to cover up the dirt to protect it from the rain (Thats me)

    This is where the pool guys stepped in

    My daughters can't wait

    I saved about $6000.00 by doing the work myself. Some of the estimates I got wre way too high the highest being $14,000 with me not doing anything.
    I would like to thank everyone on this site for there help & knowledge & the BBB method is working great.
    I'll post some pics of the pool now that it's full later (need to take some)

    Thank You Again,
    One Very Happy Family
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    Anthony! When you said "from pond to pool", you weren't kidding!

    You did a great job! Congratulations!

    Your little girl is precious and I'm sure your family is happy with the transformation.

    Can't wait to see the pool full of water!
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    WOW! What a transformation!

    Just W~O~W!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    That's gotta be at the top of the list for best transformations EVER!

    Great Job!

    I bet your wife is just thrilled now!!!
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    Re: From Pond to Pool


    That was a cool story. You did a great job in a pretty short time by yourself.

    What did you do with the turtle and frogs?

    I can't believe the pool guys had to rent a mixer. Don't they use one often enough to justify buying one?
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    WOW! I'm very impressed! Beautiful!!
    *~ Laura ~*
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    That looks great!! Good job!
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    "Googly Moogly or Holly Macaroni"

    My Husbands name is Anthony, but I'm sure as... you know what that he could have NEVER
    pulled this one off..
    What an awesome job
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    That does look great! I'm wondering though, when did you cut out the light?

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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by anm1227
    We still have alot of plans for the landscaping which has not even been started yet
    Actually, it looks like you had LOVELY landscaping, only it was IN the pool and not out!!

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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    Sorry I did not reply, We were away on vacation.

    The frogs & turtle are alive and well living in a pond about 1/2 mile away.

    I had to stop filling the water when it hit the light so the pool guys could come back the next morning to cut everything in,and after he was done I filled the rest.

    As far as the landscaping goes we are still unsure what to do along the back fence, maybe river rock and some bushes, there is a pretty good slope down to the fence.

    I'll post some new pics this week & rename the post. Thanks for all the great replys,it makes me fell good that everyone likes it.

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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    Some guys can do anything! That was an amazing transformation. Kimrst
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    Re: From Pond to Pool

    WOW! What a project! You did an awesome job!
    In construction!

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    Re: From Pond to Pool


    Maybe you get get in the Pool Makeover business
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