Has anyone experienced this problem? This is a solid cover for an 18X36 inground pool that requires a pump to remove the water. A few years ago Loop lock sent me some vinyl material to lay around the perimeter of the pool. If anything, it just protects the cover from scuffing, not the coping. No doubt, this is being caused by the excessive weight of the snow during the winter. I remove as much snow as possible but it inevitably gets to a point where its just too much. I appreciate any input.

On a separate note, I love this site. I had an 18X36 inground vinyl pool installed around late summer of 2009. I knew very little about water chemistry and inevitably ran into all the common problems in the first season. After studying this site, I never had a water issue again. In 5 years I have had to shock the pool maybe 7X with bleach, I use Borax to raise the ph when necessary, never have to add baking soda, I use the 3" slow dissolving chlorine tabs just for convenience, and once in a while add some cyanuric acid. The water is always clear and balanced and because of this site and its members it doesn't take much time, effort, and money to keep it that way. Thank you all so much!