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Thread: Intex salt water generator - no chlorine

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    Intex salt water generator - no chlorine

    New to pool care! Have 16x42 Intex easy set. 3700 gallons. Added 95 lbs salt. Ran SWG for 4-6 hours per day with 2 boost cycles and pool is still registering no chlorine.
    Salt level was normal.
    Alk: 80
    PH 8.2
    Copper: normal
    Pool stays covered for most of day.
    Have shocked it twice and a day later chlorine level back to zero
    Called Intex. They said to clean copper cell. Doing that now but it looked fine. System bubbles when it is on and I can get slight chlorine reading if I test strip right where water coming out of generator. Pool has been clear for 10 days but starting to get cloudy.

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    Re: Intex salt water generator - no chlorine

    Welcome to TFP.

    Please post a full set of test results that are not with dip strips. If you don't have a good test kit, you should look into one here Test Kit Comparison. It is really a good investment to have a reliable test kit for your pool. You will use this test kit every day. The TF100 comes highly recommended. As I said, it is an investment in beautiful water clarity and quality.

    Also, if you are running an Intex SWG, you need to get rid of the copper bars. Copper, when left to build up in pools will cause blonde and red heads to turn green and will also cause very ugly staining of the pool surface. The only way to get rid of it is to replace the water.

    Last, but not least, I have a feeling you have no CYA/stabilizer/conditioner in the water to protect your chlorine from the sun.

    Please confirm this with test results and look at this ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
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    Re: Intex salt water generator - no chlorine


    If there are no error lights on and the thing is bubbling, something is eating the chlorine as fast as that SWG can generate it. And you have have 'shocked" it twice, which could have beaten back the algae a little, but didn't kill it. That's why the pool is cloudy. It will be green very soon if you don't take immediate steps.

    What needs to happen is the Shock Level And Maintain process - the SLAM. It involved raising the chlorine level to a particular level based on your CYA level and then keeping it up there for days and days. A one-time megadose of chlorine - the standard pool store "shock" - doesn't cut it, as you've discovered. To do this right, you need to know the CYA level, which requires a proper test kit. And it also requires a test kit that can measure chlorine levels well above 5. With the right tool, a cloudy but untinted pool can be sparkling in a couple days, and the test kit will enable you to keep it sparkling the rest of the season. Without it, you're wasting time and money.
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