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Thread: How to Clean Dirt from the Vinyl Sides of an Intex Ultra Frame Pool?

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    Cool How to Clean Dirt from the Vinyl Sides of an Intex Ultra Frame Pool?

    Hi all!

    I have a 26x52 intex ultra frame that's currently filling up for our 2nd swim season. We cleaned it as much as possible before storing it away at the end of the summer last year, but I think more than anything, it got dirty from us having to fold it up along the ground/grass outside. We had ZERO problems with algae or anything like that the whole summer.

    Anyway, the pool is filling without issue, but the liner (on both the inside and the outside) as well as up above the top (the part that would face the sky, near the T-joints, has lots of "baked on" dried on dirt. Any special SAFE way to get this off? Soft sponge and some type of mild soap? Open to suggestions, I'm terrified to clean it as I don't want to do something that could damage the pool or cause holes. I'm also not sure if it would "hurt" the fresh poolwater that's filling up right now, to get a little dishsoap on there. Please help, my beautiful pool is filthy!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: How to Clean Dirt from the Vinyl Sides of an Intex Ultra Frame Pool?

    The top part of my liner had gotten a film of dirt on it that wouldnt wipe off easily. I used a Magic Eraser on it. Only draw back is they tend to fall apart easily. Wasnt an issue for ke, as I could swipe the pieces iver the side onto the ground. Not sure if it would fall apart as easy under water, the liner seems to be smoother on the blue and white part.
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    Re: How to Clean Dirt from the Vinyl Sides of an Intex Ultra Frame Pool?

    On the inside, fill the pool and treat with a higher FC level and brush daily. For the outside and top, use a scrub brush and bleach water with the magic eraser.
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    Re: How to Clean Dirt from the Vinyl Sides of an Intex Ultra Frame Pool?

    As Casey said... scrub (^_^)
    No I didn't add any bleach to begin with, I just stepped right-on-in the slime and used the pool brush on a short pole on the inside walls.
    Once I filled the pool, as part of the Shock/SLAM I brushed down all of the pool surfaces several times over the course of several days.
    As for the outside, I've just hosed it off.
    The top rails, I've used a damp utility cloth and the water at shock levels (glove on hand... the bleach smell is hard to sleep with) and wiped down the rail sections and then hosed them off.
    I think it cleaned up well; however, I'll let you look at the pictures and decide.
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