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Thread: Help with old Anthony pool remodel

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    Help with old Anthony pool remodel

    Have 45 year old Anthony pool I want to remodel. It has 1 inch plumbing on returns and skimmer, 24v electrical system with transformer,only two returns. Don't know size of bottom drain.

    One person tells me I don't need to change anything that all I need is to replaster the pool itself. Others telling me I need to upgrade all plumbing to 2" PVC and that I need to probably add one or two more returns and upgrade electrical to 220v to support new variable pumps,filters,etc. Very confusing advice from everyone.
    Any advice or anyone with experience with older Anthony kidney shaped pools. Much Apprciated.

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    Re: Help with old Anthony pool remodel

    Welcome to TFP. I can't really help you in your quest to redo your pool, but there are some people here who can offer some insight.

    Good Luck with your project!
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    Re: Help with old Anthony pool remodel

    In a technical sense, the 1 inch returns might be ok. A lot depends on what size pump and filter you will put on it and how big the pool is.

    Generally the industry standard is just "go big" because it saves a lot of time caluclating flow rates, head loss and pump curves and coming up iwth a customized flow rate for the pool being built and then matching up the correct size plumbing to match. But there certainly is no requirement to convert it to 2 inch.

    I would doubt any 24v pump was ever used, but I may be wrong. You probably mean 120v I would hope.
    there are still pump motors which run on 120v, but the selection is not large. Most pumps now days require 220v as well as things like saltwater systems and such.
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    Re: Help with old Anthony pool remodel

    I am absolutely no expert at all, but I think something to remember is that the pool has run that way for 45 years. I recently had a 35ish year old pool redone a bit, and I had a couple of contractors tell me that basically the pool could not run without a main drain. But it had for many years, including a year with me owning it. It probably makes it a little harder to clean sometimes, but it was going to be $$$ to dig out the drain and replace whatever was leaking. Plus my pool doesn't leak at all and punching big holes in it seemed like a bad idea to me.

    Would it be easier/more efficient to go to 2 inch - probably. Is it a must? Without someone here convincing me that it is a must, it doesn't seem like it to me. The changer would be if you want to add water features. In that case I bet you will need to do major plumbing work.
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    Re: Help with old Anthony pool remodel

    My son and I have spent several weeks replacing the skimmer,suction and return lines on a 30+ year old,12x25 Anthony pool in his recently acquired short sale home.Previous owner has abandoned the underground piping due to skimmer failure and suction side leaks.Bottom drain and return were covered over with bondo.Our solution was a new Hayward skimmer,1 1/2" pvc piping,reclaimed original inlet9only one) connected to new piping ran underground. No bottom return. The pool has been in use now @ 3 weeks.Lack of bottom drain is not causing and issue and water is crystal clear with good chemistry.

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