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Thread: Spa settings help

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    Spa settings help

    Looking for some help understanding the options in my spa top side control for the filter cycle settings. It's an Ecco Spa I think made by Dynasty Spas. The manual says "System automatically performs 2 filter cycles per day at 12 hour intervals. During a filter cycle pump 2 runs for one minute, then pump 1 runs at low speed for the programmed number of hours."

    It has an Econ mode, and "No Econ" mode
    Here are the settings it has, followed by what I think they mean, followed by the range settings available.

    FS (Filter Start time) (1-12)
    FD (Filter Duration) (0-24)
    FF (Filter Frequency) (1-4)
    EP ( Unknown) (0-1)
    ES (Economy Start) (1-12)
    ED (Economy Duration) (1-24)

    Most of it is easy enough.....Start time simple enough, Duration would be the number of hours it runs during the 2 daily filter cycles at 12 hour intervals.
    What is the Filter frequency and what changes with the settings from 1 through 4? It sounds easy enough, but the fact that the spa already performs 2 filter cycles per day at 12 hour intervals....I'm just not sure what this is for or what it changes.

    Anyone know what the EP is? I assume it has something to do with the economy mode, but what exactly I don't know. I have pages and pages of manuals and paperwork, but nothing on these settings. I have about 4 pages of error messages but nope not any of these.
    12500 gallons, 24 foot round above ground
    Hayward Sand filter, Pentair OptiFlo 1HP 2-Speed pump

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    Re: Spa settings help

    Hi Scott. FS and FD are indeed Filter start time and Filter duration. If you set FS at 12 then the filter cycle should start at 12am. If the FD is say 5 then the filter cycle will run for 5 hours. If the FF is set to 2 then the filter cycle would run once at 12am for 5 hours and come on again at 12pm for 5 hours. If you set FF at 3 then filter cycle would run once at 12am for 5 hours and come on again at 8am for 5 hours and then come on again at 4pm for 5 hours.

    EP should turn the economy mode on or off. Usually 1 for on and 0 for off. The EP turns the economy mode on at the programmed time (ES) and is seperate from putting the spa in economy mode using the power button.

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