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Thread: Thoughts on numbers and sock method?

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    Thoughts on numbers and sock method?

    Love this site! Just needed to say that Learned so much but need a bit of help!

    Brand new pool that we haven't gotten PB training on any of the equipment or even gotten a vacuum yet Everything was temporarily hooked up until electrician finished which is getting close as he is still in our basement at 9:04 pm tonight! Have had water and filter running for 2 weeks.

    I am loving the TF100 and think I am a secret chem nerd - will need to replace entire kit at the daily rate I am doing! Current reading are:

    FC 5
    CC 0
    pH 7.5
    TA 150 today (have been working with muriatic acid and brought down from 210 so far)
    CYA 40
    SWG running at 3200

    I want to bring the CYA up to 60-70. The PB just dumped the stabilizer in both skimmers when he came about a week ago. I keep reading use the "sock method" for stabilizer but need more of a description on what exactly that is.

    Any other things I should be watching for?
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    Re: Thoughts on numbers and sock method?

    Here's one variation. The normal method is described in this Pool School Article
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    Re: Thoughts on numbers and sock method?

    Cut and paste from pool school:
    CYA - Cyanuric Acid

    Cyanuric acid, often called stabilizer or conditioner, both protects FC from sunlight and lowers the effective strength of the FC (by holding some of the FC in reserve). The higher your CYA level, the more FC you need to use to get the same effect. It is important to know your CYA level so you can figure out what FC level to aim for. If you don't have a SWG or problems from extremely high amounts of sunlight, CYA is typically kept between 30 and 50. If you have a SWG or very high levels of direct sunlight, CYA is typically kept between 70 and 80.

    You increase CYA by adding cyanuric acid, often sold as stabilizer or conditioner. CYA is available as a solid and as a liquid. The liquid costs a lot more, and generally isn't worth the extra expense. Solid stabilizer can take up to a week to fully register on the test, so don't retest your CYA level for a week after adding some. Solid stabilizer is best added by placing it in a sock in the skimmer basket. The pump should be run for 24 hours after adding solid stabilizer and you should avoid backwashing/cleaning the filter for a week. It helps dissolve the CYA faster if you squeeze the sock occasionally.

    In nearly all cases the best way to lower CYA is to replace water. If replacement water is extremely expensive you might want to look into a reverse osmosis water treatment.
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