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Thread: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

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    What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    I know we all get into sauces, rubs, spices, and the like. But what's your favorite no muss, no fuss simple recipe? Examples:

    My family likes the tenderness of beer can chicken, but my kids don't like the beer flavor or all of the spices that I like. So for them, I often do a beer can style chicken with just a light kosher salt rub and use canned orange soda instead of beer. Turns out great.

    Or one of my favorites is grilled zucchini. Split the squash lengthwise and brush the cut side with Olive oil. Grill over medium coals till lightly charred. Throw on a little salt and fresh grated Parmesan at the table and you have a feast!

    So how about some amazingly simple recipes?
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    I'm going to second the beer can chicken, simple cajun butter rub, slightly smoked then the heat cranked.

    Steaks would qualify as simple, a nice rib eye with a coat of coarse salt, fresh pepper, garlic and a bit of Montreal steak spice.

    ABT's too. (I'll post the recipe in another thread) You'll LOVE em.
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    Corn on the Cob:
    Husked and cooked in the microwave 3 minutes per ear. The add some southwest Chipotle and Parmesan cheese herbal butter.

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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    I second grilled zucchini, and I also do asparagus often. I'm using a copper wok basket for my veggies and when I do cut up meat or shrimp. It works beautifully. I drove myself crazy with skewers and everything spinning around. I need the flat ones.

    I also do garlic bread on the grill. Simple is buying the ones from the frozen sect.
    A little more time consuming and not as simple is roasting the garlic to make a paste and mix with butter, sprinkle with salt and paprika, grill both sides til lightly toasted.
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    Shiskabob recipe:

    3-4 parts Lee and Perin's Worcestershire
    1 part salted butter
    tablespoon lemon pepper or to taste

    Combine in pan until mixed. Should be light brown in color. Baste kabobs on the grill and use as dipping sauce

    Awesome stuff, you will be putting it on everything.

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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    Once, I didn't have a can of beer..OMG...and used a pop can 1/2 full of red wine.
    Grandkids called it WINO was still GREAT!
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    Johnsonville specialty brats (cheddar, jalepeno, etc.) cooked on a stick over a fire... kids top it off with roasted marsmallows (ick).

    haha yeah, I know it's not a recipe but it's simple and outdoors, does that qualify?
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    A good ol Rib eye sprinkled with garlic salt.
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    BBQ garlic bread
    - cut up french bread or bagette
    - dice some garlic
    - butter the bread, apply the garlic
    - toast on BBQ

    Fast side dish and tastes great.

    Another great one is pan fried (could do on the side burner of BBQ) pita strips
    - cut pita's into 1" strips
    - heat pan, add olive oil
    - fry for a bit
    - remove from heat and sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese (while still hot)
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    Re: What's your favorite "Simple" recipe

    Sausage fatties dusted with rub. Two minute prep.
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