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Thread: hypothetical question on emergency slam

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    hypothetical question on emergency slam

    Been lurking around this forum for some time while I wait to begin our pool project. I have read pool school several times and fully understand the slam process.

    I have a hypothetical question on slamming. Say its the day or two before you are having a pool party, or the 4th of July. You have just returned from a business trip and it rained a lot while you were away. The clean pool you left is no longer, and you now have an algae outbreak. Would you begin the slam process by adding bleach in the hopes that the problem can be corrected in a short time, or would you add a stronger powder "shock" as a temp fix and just plan on getting your levels in check and reversing whatever bad the "shock" powder added later? What "shock" powder would you use? Would you just bite the bullet and buy some lithium hypochlorite in order to still use the pool in time? Other option is cancel the party.

    I realize the goal and the TFP method is not to let your pool reach that point, but lets face it, life and mother nature just sometimes get in the way.

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    Re: hypothetical question on emergency slam

    The powdered shocks and liquid bleach work the same. The powders are easier to carry, but they also have risks. Cal-hypo can raise CH and might cause temporary clouding. Dichlor and trichlor will raise the CYA and lower pH. The higher CYA means there's less effective FC so you might end up shooting yourself in the foot. Lithium hypochlorite adds neither, but high FC is still high FC and if you're above Shock level, it's going to burn eyes and fade swimsuits no matter what precedes the "hypochlorite"

    What should happen is CYA is read, pH is adjusted, and FC is boosted to shock levels for that CYA by whatever form of chlorine you choose. You want it done fast? Test and redose every hour and brush every inch of the pool in between. Forget about sleep. If it's just algae and not a whole off-season's worth of leaves and organic debris, it'll go green to blue in a day and it might even filter itself clean before the party.
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