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Thread: Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

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    Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

    Hey guys, I got an option on a Laars LG250N 250k BTU natural gas pool heater.

    Just wondering if they are good, reliable units?

    Basically this unit was sitting for a while, the owner pulled the heat exchanger to use in an already existing installation, used it for couple of years, then the rest of that unit died so he swapped the heat exchanger back, upgraded to a newer programmable heater and is selling this one.

    It is a millivolt unit, which in looking in the manual seems to be a manual pilot, with no AC electrical?

    I would have to imagine a unit like that is pretty darn reliable???

    I can get it for a really good price, and considered everything but the heat exchanger is brand new, it would be almost stupid for me to not go for it. Unless someone has some info to the contrary.

    I would be installing it in the open outside behind the garage... I have enough room to install it "per specs".

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    Re: Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

    If I were you I would pass on this. You are looking at something that is not hooked up so you can't test it and the previous owner messed with so who knows what you really have. Also it's a milivolt unit and in most places it's not code to have as it has a standing pilot light. So for me, it would a pass.
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    Re: Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

    I posted that before looking at the manual... Not much to a millivolt unit...

    Actually, I can checkout everything... HVAC stuff (especially updraft furnaces, which is exactly what a pool heater like this is) are pretty simple devices...

    Also, it is acceptable to have a standing pilot here. So code is not an issue. Plus, it isn't like it will be used long-term with it in an "on" state where the pilot will be lit all the time... Maybe the first month or so in the spring and maybe another month in the fall... We also have a 10-person hot tub, so until it is actually warm enough to want to get into and out of a pool will it be used.

    And, to make things even more "special" I found out it is a propane configuration that I will have to convert to natural gas. And that is amazingly simple, considering the VS820 valve just requires a regulator spring and adjuster change ($10 parts kit) and then it can be calibrated down to 3.5-4.0" WC for NG and the orifices just need to be drilled out and it will run perfect under NG. Even the pilot supply from the gas valve is based on the calibrated gas pressure, so that won't be an issue.

    I am just shocked at the absolutely unreal costs they are charging for parts for this thing! I mean you would think they view pool owners the way most shops view boat owners, ie, suckers with too much money. Considering less than half the major parts would cost more than twice the heater cost brand new that is just ignorant. I would say that is more the manufacturers trying to sell new heaters or just flat out greed figuring people are going to pay $800 for a heat exchanger for a $1800 heater... That is like an automaker charging $20k for a transmission for a $50k car! Craziness!

    For what I am paying for it (less than 1/5th of what it was brand new), I figure it is foolish to not give it a shot.

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    Re: Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

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    Re: Looking for input on a Laars LG250N

    Quote Originally Posted by wjr75 View Post
    Ok, now why would you say that?

    A comment like that, with no supporting information, doesn't mean much.

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