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Thread: SAM light color wheel motor

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    SAM light color wheel motor

    Last week we noticed that the pool light had water inside the lens so we removed the light and opened. We inherited the pool when we bought the house last summer, so we didn't know that the light installed was a color changing light. Light worked but did not color change.

    I would like to get the color change feature working again but having hard time finding right part. From what I can find searching, this is a SAM light. I have found a color wheel motor P/N 619495 but am not sure if there are other versions of the SAM light out there. I can't find any distinguishing numbers on the light itself to tell me a specific model. I've called pentair a couple times but wai times are always >15 minutes.

    Are there multiple models of the SAM light out there?

    We are assuming that the gasket was leaking. The light did not leak prior to having the pool replastered in March. Could removing of the light for the replaster work cause an issue with gasket drying out and cracking. Could the handling of the light have caused a leak around the cords that enter the light casing? Troubleshooting suggestions to make sure we identify source of the leak.

    Our new plaster has some iron staining and I am waiting till temps cool to do the ascorbic acid treatment. I noticed that the water in the pool lens looked rusty. Could that have been the source of iron in the pool water. We have city water and I was told there is no iron in the water supply.

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    Re: SAM light color wheel motor

    The part number you have listed is what you need. You might also need new bulbs as well and a new gasket. Probably just removing the light for the re-plastering might have jarred it and caused a leak. When you get things back together, test the light for leaks by holding it under the water for a while to see if it fills with water.
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    Re: SAM light color wheel motor

    Thanks for info. We did order a gasket but I didn't consider lights.
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    TR-60 Sand Filter, 1HP Pentair single speed pump
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