I hate this pool.

I have been having problems with this existing pool since moving into this house 3 years ago. I continually have pressure issues that cause the pump to cavitate and our barracuda vacuum rarely works. The first year, I re-plumbed all of the pipes above ground to eliminate air leaks. Last year, I replaced my 3/4 HP pump with a 1.5HP pump at the recommendation of our pool guy.

This year, I opened it late and after shocking it the past 2 nights, the pump needs to be backwashed every few hours or it stalls and has no flow. I've backwashed it so much that I'm running out of water. Today I replaced the sand in the filter thinking that may be the issue, but it is still happening. Please help! Any suggestions as to why this could be the case?

I have a Hayward 200 sand filter with a year old hayward 1.5 HP pump for a 30,000 gallon inground pool.

Thank you!