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Thread: Pool filter weak/loses prime - tried everything!

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    Exclamation Pool filter weak/loses prime - tried everything!


    Okay, so here is my problem...This summer getting the pool up and running has been a nightmare. Every time I connected my Barracuda G2 vacuum it would run perfectly fine for a random amount of time (sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few minutes) and then it would just completely stop moving. The entire system slowed down to the point that the skimmer barely had any suction and and return lines were pushing out almost nothing. After cleaning everything, checking all of the lines for air leaks, properly filling the vacuum hose, etc etc the problem persisted so I decided to open up the filter and clean it out (I had already cleaned it a few weeks prior, but the pool was pretty dirty so I figured maybe it was clogged up). To my surprise, it actually was pretty dirty and had nasty green debris lining the screens (I do not have a sand filter). So I cleaned it all out again and got the system up and running and the vacuum was doing great - better than ever this year so far so I figured I solved the problem but the next day the same thing was happening and the system was losing its prime just as frequently as before. I thought that maybe the motor was having issues or going bad or something BUT I have a multiport valve and when I set it to recirculate to bypass the filter it goes into overdrive! The return lines blast out water stronger than I've seen in years running on filter mode and the vacuum races across the pool - of course I know on recirculate it's just spitting all the stuff its picking up right back in the pool but it's nice to see it work that good . I know that going through the filter is going to slow down the flow somewhat but it's obvious there is a problem here. I don't know what to do because from what I can see there is no air getting into the filter and this I double checked using the valve up top and now that the skimmer basket, motor basket, and filter are all cleaned out and it's still having the same issue I'm kind of stuck. Am I correct in assuming that since it works so well in recirculate mode that it's not a motor issue and it's some type of issue with the filter itself? what could it be??? The filter was cleaned very well and the drain at the bottom was only dumping out clean water once I finished with it. There are also no holes in the screens and no debris near the impeller, or in any of the baskets. Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is a nice coating of green at the bottom of my pool and I would love to clean it by the 4th of July!

    PS: Back washing, rinsing, etc all help for a little while but the issue quickly returns. All seals are tight and all of the O-rings were actually replaced last year so I don't think they are the issue and as I said the valve up top squirts out water and I don't see any air bubbles at all coming in.


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    Re: Pool filter weak/loses prime - tried everything!

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    That sounds to me like there is an air leak somewhere. If enough air gets to the pump it will lose prime. Apparently the air leak is only significant when the filter is dirty. This can happen as you describe if the leak is marginal unless there is a large amount of suction. When the filter gets sixty there is more suction than usual on the suction side of the pump, which can cause a marginal seal that would otherwise work to fail.
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    Re: Pool filter weak/loses prime - tried everything!

    You mention screens being dirty, but never mention adding DE. Is this a DE filter or a cartridge filter? What is your pressure gauge reading through this sequence of events?

    Either way, it really sounds like a dirty filter that may need soaking or bad cartridges.
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