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Thread: Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

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    Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

    I opened my pool mid May. Water was clear with a slight green tint. Nice carpet of algae on the bottom. Vacuumed to waste and added bleach. Only had the little 2 regent tests from the store. Successfully brought the whole pool to a beautiful crystal clear in 3-4 days. Kept it that way for about a month. Torrential rains and then heat came, got busy and slacked off. Noticed a slight green tint one day and thought I hit it hard enough with bleach. For the last week it's continued to get greener and greener no matter how many bottles and how often I add bleach. Of course, without a proper test kit, I am operating by the seat of my pants. I KNOW that doesn't work. So I'm hoping the test kit will be here mid week at the latest. What should I do in the meantime? The pump has been running non stop for at least 3 days and this morning my husband told me to turn it off until he can get something from the pool store that we used last year called Swamp Treat. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

    Y'all have to decide who is gonna' manage the pool. Pool store advice and "Swamp Treat" will not work with what we are already experiencing the conflict.

    It doesn't have to be at all confrontational but one or the other has to manage the pool and then decide whether to use the Pool
    Store as the authority or this forum. The two will not mix well and you both will be caught in the middle.
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    Re: Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

    I know the wife is always right. Put Your foot down and chose the forum and there will be tons of help, FREE
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    Re: Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

    Having recently had a very similar scenario I would suggest just waiting until the test kit comes and if you add anything at all only add liquid chlorine. I didn't listen and it create MUCH more work and it took me MUCH longer to balance my water than it should have... be patient and wait for the kit. You will be happy that you did.
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    Re: Just ordered test kit, what should I do while waiting for it?

    I hope you ordered the TF100 with the XL option and a Speed Stir!

    If you follow the SLAM process here, you can take control of your pool and make pool maintenance a breeze.

    Shop around for bleach/liquid chlorine best prices and highest % sodium hypochlorite. I suggest you start off with at least 30 gallons of whatever you get. That is a big pool.

    When you get your test kit, test everything and post results in this thread. That's when we'll get this show on the road

    Along with stockpiling some bleach/liquid chlorine, you can do some more reading in Pool School, especially ABC's and the SLAM articles.

    When is your test kit due?

    Is your fill water well water or municipal water?

    What size is the sand filter? What pump do you have? You could add that info to your sig.

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