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Thread: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

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    Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    I have a close to 20 year hold Polaris cleaner that has a stiff hose. I'm guessing it's simply a matter of a chlorine and UV exposure that caused it to lose it's flexibility.

    Are there any options for replacing this hose other than buying the Polaris branded parts? It seems that Polaris is quite proud of their equipment and feel that $100 for a new hose is not out of the range of reality.


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    Re: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    We have a Polaris that's almost that old as well. Last summer we spent a lot of time researching replacement hoses, realized that we would have to "bite the bullet" and pay the $100 for the hose kit. Oh well, still a lot less than getting a new sweep. Last summer we found that "Bestbuypoolsupplycom" had the best price. (I don't know if that's still the case this year.) Anyway, we've purchased from them a couple of times and have no complaints.

    Just a FYI: it was worth the money. The Polaris runs better & cleans more effectively than it has in years!
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    Re: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    Ebay. I was able to get the back-up valve nut there when everyone wanted to sell me a whole new valve or the whole body.

    Here's one: ... dZViewItem

    Not sure how many feet you need, but these may come out cheaper even if you have to buy 3 of them. Are your swivels and nuts still usable? If not, then the $100 for a complete hose may be a better buy.
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    Re: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    I gate to bump an old thread, but this is my exact question. Are there any new alternatives that have come out in the last two years?
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    Re: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    Not really. There aren't many "after market" parts for Polaris products. One option is using a hose from Pentair's Kreepy Krauly Legend line of products as it is a copy of what Polaris produces. However the parts for the Kreepy Krauly Legend line are usually right in the same ball park (or sometimes even higher) with the Polaris parts.

    Cold water can cause the hoses to stiffen. Take the hose out of the water and let the sun hit for a day or two on the pool deck. Be sure to lay the house out in a straight line. Also try not to curl it when you store it.
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    Re: Polaris Hose Replacement Options

    If you got twenty years out of those hoses, then you are ahead, and should probably bite the bullet.

    The three sections of hoses you need are two different compounds of hoses. The hose that connects to the wall and the one next to it are the feed hoses, and the last hose (that goes to the head) is the leader hose (a bit more flexible). Yes, Polaris you could say is proud of their hoses. The hoses you have are not the same "formula" as the ones now days. The poster that recommends to let them sit in the sun for a couple of days is a good idea, however, if your hoses are 20 years old, you may not get the results expected. Wont hurt to try before any purchases.

    To answer your question, You could probably go to Home Depot or any place that sells 5/8 hose and give it a try. I think they may harden up on you rather quickly tho (this is the part where Polaris is proud of their hoses!).
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