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Thread: Leaving solar cover on for 10 days straight

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    Leaving solar cover on for 10 days straight

    Recently my family and I were sick and were busy and didn't use the pool for 10 days. I left the solar cover on for 10 days straight. Its one of those blue bubble ones. I did run my filter and saltwater pump. The pool was fine when I took the cover off to go in. Nice and warm, absorbed the sun very very well.

    Is there any downside I may be missing in leaving a solar cover on for an extended period like that. I usually leave the cover on for 3-4 days in a row if we aren't using it. My kids and I like a warm pool.

    Just curious if things could be festering that I don't see like algae or something. My levels were all perfect when I tested after 10 days.
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    Re: Leaving solar cover on for 10 days straight

    I've had mine on since early April. We are on water restrictions so I have to keep evaporation at a minimum or I could face fines. Anyway algae can start up a bit easier with the cover on so it is important to keep an eye on the FC level and make sure it does not dip. And of course try to take the cover off once and while if possible and brush the pool walls which helps keep algae in check. Don't forget the top of the cover too. I find if I neglect that too long, algae can start growing on the top.
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    Re: Leaving solar cover on for 10 days straight

    I leave mine on from October to April. Really cuts the chlorine consumption.

    Leaving it on for several days did you see a greater overall temperature gain?
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    Re: Leaving solar cover on for 10 days straight

    You might want to check if the CC's have raised. When I leave the cover on for a few days my pool will usually show .5 CC's but will drop back down to 0 in a day or so. Just keep an eye on it as the temp should be raising all summer long and that might lead to more problems than during the winter months.
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