I'm new to the site but I've been reading for several weeks now. With a recent home purchase I have inherited a 16x32 inground pool that needs some serious rehabilitation. It has no liner and has been sitting empty for years... I grew up with a pool and I'm no stranger to how they work.

My only question right now is regarding leakage current collectors. I bought a new Pentair 3HP variable speed pump and in the instructions it states that a leakage current collector is required to comply with Canadian electrical code requirements. So... where do you buy such a device? I have found lots of electric heaters that include current collectors, but they are specific to the heater. I am expecting that I need to find a device that installs directly in the plumbing lines to/from the pump that has an electrode or a metallic lining that extends outside the piping for an electrical connection.

I did find one such device, but it is intended to stop galvanic corrosion and is not specifically called a current collector. I may end up using this device, but it only comes in 1-1/2"... I've been trying to do all my plumbing in 2" so it would be nice to have more choices.

Any ideas or sources for a leakage current collector?

This is the one that I found (scroll to the bottom of the page, they call it a titanium grounding electrode and my local pool supply store has them on the shelf (I haven't asked them about it yet).