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Thread: As Promised pictures and the saga...

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    Talking As Promised pictures and the saga...

    Ok, so last fall as the pool water is dropping into the low 40's and after reading intex's site about the liner becoming more brittle when very cold I think... I'll just drain, dry, drop the legs out from under the ring pull the cover down and wrap it under the entire thing - brilliant. The year before I took everything apart, put babypowder in like the instructions said yadayaddyada... never did get all of the babypowder out of the water last year.

    The cover tore/split in three spots during the late fall and over the winter. The spring rains (ok storm) came and the leaves (where did the leaves come from... oh, yes... the storm and hail) were all over the place. I'm thinking, that can't be so bad.

    I'll never do the lazy thing again - from now on, drain, dry, find something to keep the liner from sticking, roll it up and box it:

    When I took the cover off there was about two inches of stink water, pollen, tree flowers, and leaves and black and green and grey and yuck - even our lab came up to the pool and backed away... slowly. I think the pool growled at her.

    SO I pull as much of the crud and leaves out and water with a shop-vac by turning the head upsidedown and floating it across the floor of the pool. Mind you the walls are still collapsed/folded down so there's a lot of this stuff I can't get to - sorry no pictures for this... the shame.

    So, I think, I'll just roll the liner up this year and do what I wanted to do last year.

    The pool sits on a 14-3/4ftx15ft concrete pad on which I placed 1inx8ftxft pink foam board... pink-panther baby:
    So here's the dryfit, there's a gap between the pad and the fence so I'm fitting across the gap to keep the leaves and weeds from growing.

    The boards are directly on the concrete so I think once the weight of the full pool is on them the boards wont shift so I only tapped the topside of the boards. Along each seam and then across all of them. These are tonged-grooved boards so it all should sit tight and started lay the tarp

    Another Storm coming so I weighted the tarp down. The hose is full of water and I tucked the tarp edges under the foam

    about 4in tucked under

    here you can see that gap between the pad and the fence

    OK, two days later and a few storms to help keep things running, but the pool is standing! Thought I'd jump in and use the rain water to help smooth the bottom out... why waste water...

    ahh... you can see how dirty the outside is from my little mistake... also, you can see here that I'm using a set of tie-downs to keep the legs in check. The little vinyl thing and the rope just don't cut it. The first year, with the legs on the ground cover, kept slipping and bowing out... so badly at one point that first year that I almost took the pool down. However, I read here at TFP about using these tie-downs and saved the first year's season. Haven't looked back sense.

    and this is the water...

    I went ahead and smoothed out the bottom and then used the water to scrub down the sides. I think those actually cleaned up really well compared to what I had to start with

    This is what I had in the bottom afterwards:

    SO I decided to brush the floor of the pool and then siphon everything out of the pool...

    finally the last of the crud

    So I now have a nice clean liner to fill

    Now we have supper high iron levels. Last year, other than the babypowder floating in the water, I got rid of it using an RV potable water filter. This thing traps all sorts of junk and softens the water a tad by removing the minerals. I over ran it tad at about 5000gal in the pool; however, I don't have rust-poop-coloured water! I also added a tad of metal control. Besides the CYA this is the only other chemical I purchased last year because as I re-filled the pool I didn't have another RV filter:

    and we're finally full enough to get the pump running

    first swimmer in:

    This is my reference picture:

    Dropped the pH and added some liquid chlorine last Sunday... and this is what it's all about as my oldest and the next-door neighbor visit
    Water is a wonderful 58F:

    Now this year I decided to add the chlorine and the CYA at the same time by using dichlor as I didn't have enough CYA to bring the pool to 30 without spending another $40 for a 5lb container and the dichlor was on sale at the local hardware shop. So Sunday night I started slam the pool ( I wake up every few hours, always have ) I've learned now that I added the dichlor a bit faster than I should have however everything seems OK

    In anycase, this morning my CYA=28/30, FC=16, CC=0 (no pH at this range) OCLT=0
    This afternoon, the FC=10/CC=0.5/(Still no pH at this range... I'm going to pull a sample in the morning and take it to the lab... perk to be a chemist, a pH meter )
    I think in the morning here I'll do one more check on the FC/CC to see if there is any loss of FC, otherwise I'll add enough Liquid-Cl to handle the overday loss so that we're in the high target range and figure out the new windproof cover when I get home.

    Intex Ultraframe 14'x3.5-Round (4000ish-gal) AG - Vinyl - Intex 5667EG Sand Filter 1600gph :)
    ( retired: 637R Crtrge 1000gph someday it may have another life as a water fountain... or feet washer! Solar Water Heater? )

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    Re: As Promised pictures and the saga...

    A wonderful 58 what?
    16'X32'X8' Vinyl Pond with Diving Board (Neck Breaker), 1.5 hp FOXX WhisperFlo(Not so quite anymore), Massive Lawn Egg (aka: Sand Filter), Coolcrete Pool deck (Burns feet to a crisp), Large wooden Multi level deck (Splinter City) with fire pit in center (Insurance company's nightmare.)

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    Re: As Promised pictures and the saga...

    Looks good!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

    24' Sharkline Venture De Filter

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