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Thread: Unusually High Calcium Hardness

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    Unusually High Calcium Hardness

    Hello, I am a definite newbie in the world of pools. Purchased a house with a 25,000 gal. inground pool with a liner late last summer. Previous owner had pool service which we continued until close of last year because of lack of knowledge and time. We did much research and learning over the long winter and have been maintaining our pool rather successfully with the help of your site and lots of questions of other pool owners. Using a Taylor K-2004 water test kit on a regular basis Our Ph levels are consistentley 7.2 - 7.3. Chlorine levels are excellent. Alkalinity 125 - 150 consistently. Calcium hardness off the charts! We do have city well water but have had to add very little extra water to the pool. We have taken our water in to have it sampled and are asked if we have a salt water pool, which it is not. We were told we had phosphates in the water and were sold two different chemicals to treat this but our calcium levels are still extremely high. Our water is crystal clear and is a pleasure to be in with no chlorine odor or issues with eye or skin irritation. Is calcium hardness something to be concerned with if everything else seems to be normal? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Unusually High Calcium Hardness


    Can you give us a number for CH?

    My CH is routinely in the 800 range and has hit 4 digits in the past and I've never had a clarity issue, either. Up to 800, it's not too hard to manage. You just don;t have as broad a range on pH and TA as people with lower CH without the risk of scaling.
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