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Thread: How to keep chlorine levels up

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    How to keep chlorine levels up

    This is my second summer "trying to" maintain a pool. Finding it very frustrating as it seems that I continue to develop algae. The deep end begins to develop a greenish cast. I was reading through Pool School again this morning and I am thinking that I am probably allowing the chlorine level to drop too low. I thought that I read last season to test the water in the evening and add bleach as necessary. I have been doing this but during the day the level will drop to maybe 2 or 2.5 (recommended 3-7 with a CYA of 40). So I have to SLAM it again and the kids lose pool time...
    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

    Current levels:

    FC 1
    PH 7.6
    TA 50
    CYA 35
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    Re: How to keep chlorine levels up

    The M in Slam is for maintain. It is a process and keeping the chlorine at an appropriate level will prevent algae, but once it develops you have to boost the chlorine for as many days as it takes to kill it off completely. I don't think it makes a lot of difference when you add the chlorine. When you have a clear pool you have to add enough do that it will not drop down too low before the next check. You may want to put in enough chlorine to take it to 7 one day so that it doesn't drop below 3 before the next check. But the maintenance level is determined by your CYA level so check the charts in pool school and you will have to learn how your pool reacts over time. I think you probably need to bring your cya up to 40-45 to help maintain chlorine loss from sun.
    good luck.
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    Re: How to keep chlorine levels up

    If you measure in the evening and the FC dropped below your minimum for your CYA level, then you should target a higher FC level for that evenings addition. The most important thing is to never let the FC drop below the minimum.

    Your test results clearly show that your FC is too low. And given the visible algae, you need to follow the ShockLevelAndMAINTAIN Process until you pass the 3 criteria to stop.

    Then, you need to keep the FC above 3ppm at all times. So likely target 6-7ppm each night to be sure it does not drop below 3 by the next night.
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    Re: How to keep chlorine levels up

    Part of the SLAM process is the OCLT (Overnight Chlorine Level Test). If you still have concerns, post both your nightly actions and the morning test results as part of your daily updates. From there, we can confirm your continued actions, as in, are you done or do you need to keep on going. Keep brushing the pool to ensure that algae is exposed to the chlorine, for a more rapid kill.
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