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Thread: Safety cover anchor holes with chipped concrete

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    Safety cover anchor holes with chipped concrete

    I had a cover installed last fall. The installer didn't do a great job drilling the holes. First off you can see the chipping. Second, many anchors are set lower than the surrounding concrete, as much as 3/8". Obviously the appearance is not great, but I am also concerned about water getting in there, freezing and making it worse. I have searched and found the brass anchor rings. Unfortunately even those won't cover many of the chips. I also found the fish and sun plastic anchor covers. I actually bought some, but they don't fit very well. I bought some concrete patch repair that I plan to try, but thought I would ask if anyone has other suggestions. Also, is my expectation that this should not have happened too high? Thank you!


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    Re: Safety cover anchor holes with chipped concrete

    Hi wrbeyer,
    I'm in rochester, N.Y.. My concrete was done in August 2013 and anchor hoes were drilled on October, some of ours look the same way. We asked our pool builder and they said it happened even to older pools this year do to the cold temps.

    I'd like to hear what others have to say. Thanks for asking
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    Re: Safety cover anchor holes with chipped concrete

    Mine were installed last October and did the same thing...I think it was from the PB hammering the brass fittings down. We just sealed the concrete.

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    Re: Safety cover anchor holes with chipped concrete

    Some chipping is normal with a hammer drill. The bit used, however, can make a difference.
    Two bladed bits do not drill as clean a hole as a four bladed bit.
    Worn bits don't drill as cleanly as fresh, high quality bits.
    That said, good bits are expensive. So the final result is a function of the installer and his choice of tools.

    We use four bladed Bosch bits and brass trim rings.
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