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Thread: Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

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    Question Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

    Good afternoon TFP,
    Im a newbie here at TFP and have been scouring the forums for about a yearwell, since last year when we gave up on our pool. Ive been through all the forums and read Pool School, but I still have lots of questions. I am hoping someone here can help me with the answers Im looking for.

    First off, let me start off with the pool. We have a 14 x 48 Intex Ultra Frame AGP (LINK). We currently have the basic setup (what the pool came with, in box). We have the cartridge pump/filter that came with the pool and we know that it is completely inefficient (and that is an understatement). We added an Intex Krystal Klear SWG (LINK), but that has worked pretty inefficiently as well. It keeps telling us low salt. Also, we added an Intex Hanging Wall Skimmer (LINK) and that was working great, but with a better pump/filter I know it could be a lot better.

    Secondly, heres what our experience with this pool has been over the past year. We live in San Antonio, TX. Our swim season can last up until November with the heat we experience. It usually doesnt freeze, so Id like to leave the pool up year-round. We installed the pool in June 2013. The previous years we had an Intex AGP with an inflatable ring-top (LINK). So, our experience with above-ground pools is limited. Weve struggled with getting chemicals balanced and maintaining a crystal clear pool. Weve been to Leslies Pools, had our water tested, and done whatever theyve suggested to get the pool back and it has worked, but we always end up in the same boat. We consistently have mosquito larvae in our pool, it gets cloudy, and then green-ish. Its so frustrating. I just want to be able to swim in our pool. Last year, we drained the pool and refilled it mid-season. I dont want to do that again. Our backyard is full of oak trees and we also struggle with keeping the leaves out, especially through the fall and winter. Im working on coming up with something to prevent the leaves from dropping into the pool, but will take some suggestions.

    Lastly, heres my list of questions. I hope that maybe some of you have had the same experiences and can suggest what we should do.
    1. What type of pump/filter should we get for this size pool (approx. 4,000 gallons)? I know that can depend on a lot of factors? We would like to get a sand filter (possibly add DE) and run an automatic vacuum or pool cleaner that is hooked up to the filter. We are looking at several different pumps and filters:
    Sand Master 71225 Above Ground Swimming Pool 13" Sand Filter with Pump for Intex
    Intex Sand Filter Pump 2900 Gallons
    Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter Systems with Pumps
    Above Ground 4500gph 19" Sand Filter with 1.5hp Swimming Pool Pump System
    2. Wed like to cut a hole in the wall to install a through-wall skimmer. Which skimmer is the best for this? And, do you have any suggestions on this process? Ive read the forums on these installs, but just looking for more suggestions.
    Is this the appropriate skimmer? Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above Ground Pool Skimmer and Accessory Kit
    3. Wed also like to possibly hard-plumb it this year to make it look more presentable and more permanent. Also, I would like to make sure we do this correctly.

    I think thats it for now, but any other suggestions, comments, or whatever is greatly appreciated. I know there is a lot of expertise found on this forum, but Ive been struggling to put it all together.

    Thank you in advance,
    ~4,000 gal. Intex UltraFrame 14' x 48" AGP
    Intex 28651 16-Inch 3200-Gallon Sand Filter Pump, Intex SWG (hardly ever works correctly), Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above-Ground Pool Skimmer, and Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner
    Installed 06/2013

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    Re: Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

    Hi there and welcome.... Filter choice is a personal thing, it all depends on how much money you want to throw at it... Hayward are a great brand.... But a simple Intex sand filter and pump will do the same thing... You're only dealing with 4000 gallons of water...

    Do you have a test kit yet??? I would highly recommend one.... You can pick up a site recommended test kit here.....

    The skimmer you've got listed is the one you want... Here's a link to it on Amazon....

    Keep reading threads about intex pools being upgraded, and there are heaps of people on here currently, that are doing the same thing...

    Starting reading pool school and learning about water chemistry and how to balance your water....

    Welcome to TFP....
    Intex Rectangle 18 x 9 x 52', 4544 gallon (18000 litres), 0.75 hp pool pump, 100 sqft Zodiac Titan Cartridge Filter - 40mm, Stenner Peristaltic Pump chlorine injection system, Intex Over The Wall Skimmer, Intex Fittings with 40mm plumbing Lil Patch Of Heaven. Build/Construction

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    Re: Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

    Hi Tracey,
    My question is why the water is yucky and growing mosquito larvae? The equipment you have currently (although inefficient) is not the cause of this. The water must be keep clean. In order to do that, and have a crystal clear pool, you need to have some similance of understanding. You dont need to be a chemist, that part is done. The info you need is here. (I know you said you read it, but here it is again).

    Your quote: We’ve been to Leslie’s Pools, had our water tested, and done whatever they’ve suggested to get the pool back and it has worked, but we always end up in the same boat. We consistently have mosquito larvae in our pool, it gets cloudy, and then green-ish. It’s so frustrating. ENd Quote:

    If you always end up in the same boat, then unfortunately, the Pool Store method is clearly NOT working.

    The Pool Store Method and the TFPC Method of pool care is not the same.

    in order to maintain your pool and have crystal clear water, like soooooo many people on this forum have, then you must take control of your own pool. That means having your own recommended test kit, testing it yourself, and only adding into the water, what the pool needs and NOT what the pool store tells you. If there is one thing to remember, it's this. - The mission of the pool store is in business to make money - If they can keep you coming back and back and back, then they are doing their job.

    The mission of TFP, is provide pool owners with the knowledge on how to maintain their pool on an economical level. No one here has any intention of tying to sell you anything. We only want you to love your pool and be happy with it. Now compare this statement to the Pool Store mission.

    The dicision to switch from Pool Store Method to TFPC method is obviously yours, but if you decide to let others leave you with a pool full mosquito larvae in it, then we will be here when you have finally had enough.
    Divin Dave,
    IG Vinyl, 15' x 30', 3 1/2' - 6' deep, Oval, ~15K gal, Intelliclor IC40, Intelliflo VS pump, Clean and Clear 420 Filter, auto-fill-disabled, Retrofit LED Color Light, Dolphin Nautilus Robot, TF100 Test Kit, Taylor K1766 Salt Test Kit, Tftestkit Pressure Gauge. Experience- it's what's learned just after you needed it most !!

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    Re: Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

    #1. If I were to upgrade based on your list, I would go with the Hayward pump. The 4500GPH is big time over kill and I fear you would have the water moving so fast the skimmer would be completely ineffective. I can get my 20' Ultraframe circulating so fast with my 1600 GPH Intex pump that stuff floats right past the skimmer.

    #2. That is the skimmer you want. There are multiple threads here showing how to put it in. Some who have drained their pools down to install and some who have not. Both have proven not to leak.

    #3. Go search the forums and read up on hard plumbing. There are several pictoral how-to's out there with good advice in them.

    As for your mosquito pond? I think you may have been letting it go to long before trying to bring it back. Pools are maintance sensitive. We live in a Hickory grove and get quite a few leaves in our pool each day. The skimmer tends to catch them all. I have one hickory tree that leans over our pool even. We have just changed over to the TFPC method and expect nothing but crystal clear water from here on out. Order you one of the recommended test kits and read up on Pool School.
    Mac.Dblues and ProfessorDaisy's Lower Arkansas Pool Install
    Intex UltraFrame 20ft x 52in deep, 9,400 Gallons / Approx 78,500 lbs, Intex 1600 GPH, 14" sand filter, Hayward Dyna-Skim SP1091LX, Taylor K-2006, SpeedStir, Sample Sizer
    First Fill May 2014, Deck finished June 2014, Mods happening probably on a continuous basis. Stay tuned.....

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    Re: Help!! Intex UF AGP - Many questions!!

    Welcome to TFP.
    I just upgraded to the intex 3000gph sand filter and hard plumbed it. Great investment for what I paid. It does wonders for my size pool long as i stay on top of the chemicals(chlorine only for now).
    I also am just a beginner but this site has improved my pool water drasticly. Great advice on here.

    Order the TF-100 and things just get easier cheaper after that.....I havent visited my local pool store in about 2 years.

    Good luck
    Intex 20x10...Intex sand filter...Intex3000gph TF-100

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