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Thread: New to me pool - No Chlorine and Calcium Scale

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    New to me pool - No Chlorine and Calcium Scale

    I just bought a place with a nice 11000 gallon plaster pool. It's all clear and looks good with the exception of two things:
    - Calcium scaling around the top tile
    - I'm trying to use bleach, but it basically reads zero the next day.

    So I did just get a TF-100 kit and did my chemistry:

    PH = 7.8
    FC = Assume zero (no yellow that i can see)
    CC = Can you test this when FC is zero?
    TC = Assume zero?

    CH = 41drops x 25 = 1025 ( Really high right!)
    TA = 80
    CYA = 90~100 (seems like if you wait a little you can see the dot again?)

    Based on this, i went to pool math and it seems to be telling me i have to replace between 44% to 75% of my pool water depending on if i'm looking at lowering CYA or CH numbers. Is that the only option?

    I do think the previous owner tended to just put pucks in and shock very regularly.....

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: New to me pool - No Chlorine and Calcium Scale

    Step one-get a good test kit--------DONE! GREAT JOB!

    The rest will be easy!

    CH=1025?? VERY high! That would explain the scaling.

    Time to drain water. Draining is the only way to get CYA down. I am not sure about CH. I am sure you can do a search to find that answer. (I have a vinyl pool so do not worry about CH).

    Keep us posted on your results.

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    Re: New to me pool - No Chlorine and Calcium Scale

    You definitely need a drain/refill with those numbers. There is no point in going forward until you do so. The chlorine consumption alone would be astronomical to SLAM your pool which it most likely needs.
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    Re: New to me pool - No Chlorine and Calcium Scale

    Drain/refill about 50% of your pool and CYA should go to around 50 ppm (ideal) and CH will come down some, depends on how much CH is in your fill water. Got a pic of that calcium scale?
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