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Thread: Any Tips on Pool Rover in an Oval AGP?

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    Any Tips on Pool Rover in an Oval AGP?

    I read so many great things about the Pool Rover on this board, and had already decided I wanted the convenience of a robot that didnt need to connect to the pump and filter.

    I found a great deal on the Pool Rover (not the jr.) for about 345 including shipping.

    I have had the thing in use few weeks now, and I am not impressed. While there is always stuff in the filter bag, there is still so much dirt/sand on the pool floor. I watch it drive over the floor, and see dirt still there after it passes. Sure it is less dirt, but it is still a pain in the butt.

    I am also having a heck of a time getting it to actually cover the entire pool. I am thinking maybe it is not liking the uneveness of the pool floor, folds in the vinyl, and the deep end. I have a deep end in the large oval pool, and what I tend to see is that it wanders over that way, then spends the 2 hours going back and forth in the deep end. You would think the deep end at least would be sparkeling, but it still has a ton of dirt too!

    I am finding myself washing out the filter bag alost everry time, just hoping that will ensure it is not too clogged to effectively vacuum.

    I have tried shortening the cycle of each path to try and keep it in the ground vele part, but it still manages to go over there.

    I am thinking I need a pool cleaner built for an inground pool because of the non level floor, but I am already into this one $350.00!

    So, anyone have tips and tricks on the pool rover they may be able to help me with?

    Anyone with an AGP with a deep end or high coves or uneven floors have experience with a robot cleaner that works really well?
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    Re: Any Tips on Pool Rover in an Oval AGP?

    mpatrick, I realize this is an old post, but just wanted to let you know that we recently bought a used very old Aquabot Turbo to replace the Zodiac Ranger (which had to be hooked into the skimmer or dedicated cleaner intake line). The Ranger didn't cover the entire pool, just as the Aquabot doesn't. But the Aquabot is SO much easier to deal with and unless I let the pool go for a very long time, I don't have to clean the bag during the 7 hours I let it run. If I could figure out how to make it stay strictly on the pool floor and stay off the walls, I think it would cover the entire pool in a very short time!

    Our pool is an AG mostly buried - so I called Aquabot to confirm that the Turbo would be ok for us (they then told me how old the unit was and I was shocked at how well it still works for its age!) and they said with our pool setup (given that the pool was mostly buried), the AB would work fine for us. I'm very happy with it. Our pool is a good size with a 7' deep end. So even though it doesn't cover the whole pool, it IS much better and covers and cleans better than the Ranger. And with a little "coaxing" from me, it gets the missed spots too!
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