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Thread: Lost in Translation (aka the only pool in Japan)

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    Lost in Translation (aka the only pool in Japan)


    I've been trying to make sense of everything on the forums... and I think I'm getting there. I believe I have one of the only In-Ground pools in Japan, and am trying desperately to get it up and running and safe.

    It's in ground, concrete, approx. 14,000 gallons. No skimmers (aargh! dead bugs everywhere!). The pump is in English- Posi-Flo Model # 50TXRJ, and it also has an automagic liquid chlorine dispenser pump thingy.

    It's been a challenge with the language barrier, and no one in Japan seems to know how to take care of a pool or where to buy supplies. Unfortunately, I can't just order stuff from Amazon or pop down to Walmart. I can't even find a proper test kit. I have some strips, but they only tell me FC, Alk, and pH. It sounds like I also need to know about CYA though? The realtor is going to buy me a digital test kit, but it only tests pH from best I can tell.

    So it's been on for about 4 days now since the pool was emptied, cleaned and filled back up and pumps turned on, and my ph is 7.8, Alk is OK (sorry i forgot the number) but my FC is 0. I'm using bleach- it's what they said to use, but I also have some chlorine tablets, but to be honest I have no idea what exactly is in them. Last summer the owners turned it on for us, told us to put 1 or 2 tablets in the pool (Just toss them in the deep end) every day. Needless to say, that method turned the pool green after 2 weeks.

    How can I raise the FC without the pH getting too high? What other products do I need? I'm glad it sounds like some simple grocery store items like Borax and Baking Soda may do the trick... I'm not sure I can get Stabilizer like they have the US or half the other chemicals. Certainly they MUST exist in Japan, they have plenty of public pools here. I just can't find anyone who knows anything about pools! I'm pretty sure my head is going to explode trying to figure all this out!

    Thanks for the help and advice =)

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    Re: Lost in Translation (aka the only pool in Japan)

    Welcome to TFP!

    Chlorine will naturally raise the pH. Anytime the FC gets over 10ppm, the pH should be ignored.

    You need to find out how high the CYA is since the last owners were chucking pucks in. Like really, just throw it in the deep end?

    Can't believe it doesn't have a skimmer either.
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    Re: Lost in Translation (aka the only pool in Japan)

    It can be a challenge without a proper test kit, but at least you have a fresh fill to work with, and it may be possible to calculate some of these expected levels, such as CYA by tracking what is added. Those slow dissolving pucks you have are most likely trichlor which add 6 ppm of CYA for every 10 ppm FC they add. If you know the size of the pool you can use the pool math link above to establish an initial CYA level using the pucks, then switch over to bleach, but you still need to find a drop based pool test kit, even OTO or DPD would be better than strips although very short of the FAS-DPD test we suggest. And you may have to manage with a lower CYA level than we generally suggest of around 30 ppm in order to be in the chlorine testing ability of those kits. For the lack of a skimmer issue, you may be able to construct a floating skimmer to attach to your return or there is also now at least one solar powered robot skimmer on the market.

    p.s. you may also want to read which is targeted at smaller seasonal pool management with a basic test kit
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    Re: Lost in Translation (aka the only pool in Japan)

    Hi Gaijin,
    welcome to TFP. It seems you certainly have a challenge in front of you.
    Expensive though it is, if you cannot quickly enough locate stabilizer, most likely some muriatic acid which will lower the Ph, (or some equivalent) and a test kit in Japan, then unfortunately you may be forced to procure these significant items from outside Japan. You are going to have to have them in order to maintain the pool.

    Somehow also, the water in the pool must be circulated and filtered in order to be sanitary. There are other methods than a skimmer which allow the pool pump to draw water, filter it and return to the pool.

    Would it be possible to post some pictures of your pool and pump/Filter equipment? If you can, we may be able to help you understand the circulation system.
    Divin Dave,
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