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Thread: Intex Pump sucked air, is it toast?

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    Intex Pump sucked air, is it toast?

    We've got a small above ground Summer Escapes pool approx. 16' x 42". The 700GPH original pump wasn't strong enough so I bought a 2500GPH pump to move some water. I know nothing about this stuff so I unknowingly bought a pump that couldn't attach to the side of the pool since my pump was made form Intex and the pool is a Summer Escapes.

    So I just through the hoses over the edge of the pool and I was finally cleaning the pool. Everything seemed to be working OK but the pool still wasn't getting clear enough. I made a mistake when I decided to leave the pump going while me a my 3 year old swam around. I thought we'd stir it up and my pump would be able to clean better. He LOVED to squirt the water from the exit hose. Then he tried the intake....sucked air for about 5-10 seconds before I could shut the pump off.

    Now it doesn't work. Re-primed many times. Let it cool down, re-primed...still didn't work.

    Did I toast it?

    Thanks for any help and I wish I would have found this site earlier!

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    Re: Intex Pump sucked air, is it toast?

    Well geez, I don't think 5-10 seconds would toast it but those pumps are so inadequate, he probably did.

    I've heard great reviews on the Intex sand filters.
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    Re: Intex Pump sucked air, is it toast?

    I'm surprised that would ruin the pump. I've had several instance with both of my Intex pumps (cartridge before I upgraded to the 2650 sand) where I've gotten air in them or ran them for short periods blocked without any ill effects.

    I guess if you've exhausted all other possibilities, perhaps it is toast. I've heard good stories about Intex sending out replacements under warranty; I'd give them a call if you qualify. Or I'd consider upgrading to one of their sand filters if you end up needing to purchase new if that's an option for you. There is a world of difference between their sand filters and their cartridge filters.
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