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Thread: Daily Care

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    Daily Care

    Hi All!

    Switching to the TFPC method for good this year, and after 16 days I just completed my SLAM!!

    However, I want to make sure I do everything right from here on out. So, my plan is to

    1) Test FC daily and adjust to my target levels based on my CYA of 30 at every night


    2) Every Sat test TA, vacuum, brush etc.


    How long should I run my filter for daily?

    I can't wait to turn it off after this loooong SLAM!! Last year, I had NO clue what I was doing and haphazardly turned it on

    21' round 52" high AG pool with a 19" sand filter 1hp pump

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    Re: Daily Care

    You should add PH checks into your schedule as that is something that can change. Testing the TA, If the ph is stable, and your not adding acid to lower it, I don't see a reason to check it weekly but that could just be me being wrong =0

    I have my pump on a simple timer so it runs 4 hours a day.....1 hour on with 1 hour off X 4. Besides circulating the water, this also keeps the top layer of water from getting really warm (with a solar cover). It's supposed to make the cover more efficient by warming cold water rather than the stagnant warm water. It has a switch on top to turn it from timer to "ON" for extra filtering, adding chemicals or vacuuming.
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    Re: Daily Care

    Everyone has thier own care plan. IMHO, it varies pool to pool based on the needs of the pool.

    Here is mine at opening until I get feel for pool chemistry for the season:

    Daily: Test FC, add bleach as needed. If FC lower than 3 ppm (never is) then I test for CC.
    Test pH. add chemicals to adjust as needed. Ive only had to add borax once. Never have had to add acid.
    Glance into clear lid of skimmers, unless there is a lot of bugs, I dont mess with them until the next step.

    Every 3rd day: take 15 minutes and brush the scum line, sides of pool, steps, behind steps, anywhere that Barracuda cant go.
    Empty skimmers, flip pump on high, toss in Barracuda. Pump runs for 4 hours on timer between 8 and noon, plenty of time for vacuum to clean pool.

    Every Sunday: Full battery of tests for TA, CH, pH, FC, and CC. Only test for CYA at beginning of season, and mid season. Make any adjustments.

    Once I have feel for how my pools chemistry is (usually a few weeks) and know the ppm daily loss and pH swing, then I go to testing FC and pH only every 3rd day. On days 1 and 2 I add what bleach I think the pool needs based on its known daily loss. If on day 3 when I test, results are off from previous test, I go back to daily testing until its predictable again. This doesnt happen often at all with consistent bleach adding and maintaining a high TA. Last year I tested every 3rd day all season and had the pool dialed in perfect. In the last 2 weeks, pH started to drift around on the high side and FC loss went up by 1 ppm so I went back to daily testing until I closed it.

    This method works for me, and I have never had to SLAM my pool.
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    Re: Daily Care

    Great, Thanks guys!

    Im starting a log with my numbers and info to get the feel of the what the pool will do based on weather, bathing load, etc.

    I dont have a timer for the filter yet, so for now I will just do it manually. I did find some older post about run times, and I guess there is no "magic" number!
    21' round 52" high AG pool with a 19" sand filter 1hp pump

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    Re: Daily Care

    Run it in accordance to what your pool needs. If it only needs 4 hours a day, run it 4 hours a day. If it needs 8 hours a day, run it 8 hours a day. Only you will know how much is right.

    My last pool, I had to run the filter daily for at least 8 hours. The pool I have now, I run a minimum of 2-4 hours daily if that! BIG difference because of locations and trees. There is no right or wrong amount of time. It's based on what your pool needs and not what someone,, who doesn't know your pool, says.
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