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Thread: PLEASE HEELP! Massive rain causing puddles around my pool!!!!

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    PLEASE HEELP! Massive rain causing puddles around my pool!!!!

    photo 3.JPGphoto 2.jpg

    Please Help me. As you can see by the pictures my pool is between my house and a slope.

    we have had major rainfall and the water is collecting around my pool. (was just installed less than two weeks ago) and lingering between my pool and house.

    Can I slope back fill from the sides of the pool (up about 5 inches or so) and the put edging and some type of gravel to correct the problem?

    I am looking for the the most inexpensive way to fix this.

    The whole pool project has cost me waaaaay more than originally planned.

    I do have the foam cove and mat so at least i know my cove isn't washing away as we speak, but need to fix this ASAP!

    I cant physically dig a trench to put a drain pipe and am looking for alternative methods.


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    Re: PLEASE HEELP! Massive rain causing puddles around my pool!!!!

    What is above the pool on the hill?

    Mine is a road. I get no puddling of water. Never have. When it rains, the water runs the lip of the road and never comes down off the hill towards the pool.

    I answered your PM but what I didn't put in there is what you really don't want to do and that is to dig a trench and lay a pipe to redivert all that water that is puddling around the pool and move it away. If you leave it, you run the risk of that standing water rotting the bottom of the pool out prematurely. Believe me when I tell you, I know the money gets tied up quick with these and it's compounded when you slay a hillside!

    ETA pics of my pool for you:

    You asked me what was below my pool? This is the pic below my pool. We took all the dirt and leveled the yard off. We added at least 4 ft of dirt all around. There was so much and I wasn't paying to have it hauled away.

    Here is a before pic

    After 2nd excavation

    (I know my yard looks crappy but we've been working on it and our garage is worse! )

    I have a road above my pool. When it rains, the water rushes along side the lip of the road. I've watched studied it for 3 years in order to put the pool where it is. I have been fortunate not to have standing water laying around the pool.

    And a pic from the neighbor's yard looking down the hillside. It just keeps going, and going, and going! Don't mind my babies on the road where they shouldn't be! lol The road isn't too busy or I'd never let them outside their fence!

    I'm sure we get the same weather patterns being neighbors, give or take a shower or two but for the most part, although the ground is wet, it's never given me reason to say, OMG! I wouldn't recommend walking around it when it's wet because clay is horribly cakey and it sticks to your shows and boots like no one's business!

    If I did not have that lip on the road, I believe my story would be way different. I would not recommend anyone do what I've done and be so cavalier about it. I've sought advice from other people who have lived on this hill and one being from the borough in which we live and I proceeded with caution.
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