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Thread: Problems with Pentair Legend Platinum

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    Problems with Pentair Legend Platinum

    This is my first pool and my first pool cleaner. From the beginning I have hated the Pentair Legend Platinum I have running with a booster pump. When it was new we had a lot of trouble with the hose getting stuck between the body and the wheel so that it would stop moving entirely. Every few days it seemed the thing was stuck again. After a couple of years I got used to it and it's part of my routine to untangle it now. But as of late the hose drags under the body even when it's moving. As a result the backup valve (I believe that's what the piece is called) gets rubbed against my pebble plaster which acts like a sandpaper. At this point the metal screws are all but worn out and there's actually a hole on the side where now water leaks out. The tail is also highly worn out at the tip from rubbing against the pebbles. I have gone through dozens of those foam covers but they don't last even a week against the rough pebbles.

    Despite all the trouble I've had, I'm thinking of buying replacement parts to get it working again solely based on the fact I don't have the money for a new cleaner, plus the fact that when it is not stuck the Legend picks up even the oak nuts that we get once a year (and I mean a couple hundred nuts in the pool per year!) which are fairly heavy and hard to scoop up with a net from the bottom of the pool.

    All this being said, I have some pressing questions/concerns. Has anybody else has these problems with the Legend? In particular, I've long felt that either the backup valve did not have enough pressure to keep the hose tightly away from the wheels, or that not enough of the floating buoys were installed. I do have two extra buoys with 2 extra lengths of hose that were not installed by the pool builder. Also, I have noticed the backup valve turns the water on and off with a mechanical "timer" so that it's not always on. I assume this is normal or intended, but I have wondered if there are "always on" backup valves and if those would be better for keep the hose away from the wheels.

    Lastly, the question I'm almost afraid to ask. Seeing as how my pebbled plaster is rough on knees, knuckles and especially cleaners, is there a type of cleaner that would be more appropriate for my type of pool? I don't really want to buy a new cleaner but if I'm fighting a losing battle I guess I'd like to know.

    Sorry for the long post. I've been brooding on this for years.

    10k gal, IG plaster+pebble, 4xcartridge 125sf, 2 ton waterfall, built Oct 2011

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    Re: Problems with Pentair Legend Platinum

    Hi Lazy,

    Used to have that cleaner. And yes, my backup valve didn't work well from the get go, the hose would occasionally get caught in the wheels and the Pebbletec eventually wore a nasty hole in the body of the backup valve (tried to repair using superglue a few times... it would simply wear the glue "patch" away, resorted to glue with duct tape cover).

    I replaced it recently with a Polaris that works better.

    I'd suggest adding a float or two and see if that helps keep the hose away from the cleaner. I believe the cleaner itself should extend all the way to the deepest end with a hose without floats, and the entire hose length should extend to the longest edge of the pool from where the hose attaches to the pool. So make sure your hose lengths are correct too. Both those would seem to help keep the cleaner from the hose. Perhaps consider repairing/replacing the backup valve (cheaper than buying a new cleaner).

    I am not anywhere near an expert at this... hopefully that helps anyway.
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    Re: Problems with Pentair Legend Platinum

    If any help check my post from yesterday in this forum (coog61). You can see my Legend and hose out of the water and the placement of the floats. I've not had the problem of the hose getting tangled in the wheels. Using a 3/4 hp booster.

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