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Thread: Pump won't prime and shuts off after 30 seconds

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    Pump won't prime and shuts off after 30 seconds

    Hey guys - Hoping you have seen this one before. Pump was working fine until yesterday. Now, when I turn it on, the pump activates, doesn't pull in any water and shuts off after 30 seconds. I fear that the answer is that it's time to replace the pump, but wanted to see if you all have seen this before and had any ideas or advice on how to resolve.


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    Re: Pump won't prime and shuts off after 30 seconds

    My first three thoughts:

    1)Your impeller may be stuck so the pump won't move water. With the pump turned OFF, reach in the pump basket towards the pump and see if you can turn the impeller by hand and check for leaves, twigs, etc

    2)You may have a clogged line between the skimmer/main drain and the pump. Try forcing water from a hose back from the pump towards the skimmer and/or the main drain. You can wrap a rag around the hose to seal it. If the pipe is clogged you may free it up. If not you should see water come out the other end to confirm it's not clogged.

    3)You may have a suction side leak. If so, water is getting in the pipe so there is no suction keeping the pump from priming. This is probably the least likely so I would rule out 1 & 2 first.

    Hope that helps.

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    In number 3 change "water" getting into the pipe to "air" getting into the pipe.....

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    Re: Pump won't prime and shuts off after 30 seconds

    mmcgovern's reply hit it on the head. Iif you can't reach the impeller from the pump side, on the back side of the motor, you may be able to reach the shaft, some have a slot cut into them and may be able to turn with a screw drive, it should turn easily and smoothly.
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    Re: Pump won't prime and shuts off after 30 seconds

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try that after work tonight.

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