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Thread: 10 days into SLAM questions

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    10 days into SLAM questions

    Hi everyone.
    The pool was not started until 2 weeks ago so it got really bad. It was a deep dark green with tons of leaves and other natural debris. I was worried about trying to get advice from a pool store so I found this site. I'm very optimistic about your approach so I'm not hopeless just yet, just getting a bit tired and anxious to swim.

    I had to buy a new pump (the old one got stolen), which I did on June 8th along with lots of bleach. I got the ph to normal and started SLAMing that same evening. The first 2 days showed great improvement, with the green turning an opaque blueish colour. On the third and fourth day, the pool was covered in white froth and I got a bit worried, but it disappeared by Friday.

    Since Friday, I have been continuing the process, keeping it at SLAM levels at all times. I still can't see more than a foot or 2 into the water and CC levels still remain around 3 all the time. The only change I have seen is that I seem to be burning through bleach at a somewhat slower pace (going from about 12 to 5 overnight and losing about 3-4 every 2 hours in sunlight as opposed to waking up with FC at 0 in the morning and losing about 5 an hour in the day).

    I understand I have no choice but to keep SLAMing until all the requirements are met.

    We've been vacuuming and brushing every day and, while we can't see the bottom, it seems as clean as it can be with dirty water.

    Here are my questions:
    1-The filter pressure goes up really fast and I am backwashing constantly. I have no idea when the sand was last changed. Should I have it changed now? I do wonder if suboptimal filtering could be the problem.
    2-Are there other reasons the water would not be clearing up?
    3-Would emptying it (even partway) and refilling help? We don't pay for water so that's not an issue, but I don't have any equipment designed to empty a pool. If refilling is a good idea, how would I go about doing that?
    4-Is CC still high (3) normal at this point? It started at 6.
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    Re: 10 days into SLAM questions

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Please post up a current set of test results. What test kit are you using?

    1. Sand hardly ever needs changed. Since the pressure is rising, the filter is doing its job catching stuff in the water. Later you could: Deep Cleaning your Sand Filter

    2. Something is still in the water. Likely dead stuff. Using cal-hypo granular chlorine can also cause cloudiness

    3. No point at this time really. But, depending on your CYA level, water replacement may be a good idea.

    4. CC should be 0. So you certainly are not near the end of the SLAM.
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