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    John Farrell New Poster

    Algae, Algae, Algae, Been at it 3 weeks now. Have gone from black lagoon to light emerald green. Help needed to get rid of the green. It is hot in Huntsville al and my bride and family are getting hot under the collar. Have used green to clean from leslies and 12 # shock. Algae eliminator from local pool dealer and also aqua chem shock. Have read to use bleach on the forum how much and do I put itin strainer or around circumference. Any suggestions accepted. Pool is IG, 21000 Gals, 16x32,sand filter 13.6 GPM flow aosmith 1 hp pump, 3" Rainbow Chlorinator, vinyl liner put in last spring. Thanks John

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    Re: John Farrell New Poster

    Welcome. Now that you are here you are on your way to taking control of your pool.

    I know you have already spent a ton on pool store potions, but in order to properly manage you pool you will need one of the recommended test kits if you don't have one already. TF-100 is the best value, especially since you have to SLAM.
    Test Kits Compared

    One of the main tenets we teach here is understanding the CYA/FC relationship. Since you have been using so much granular shock, and were probably using pucks before that, it is likely that your CYA is off the charts. This will mean draining and replacing water to bring CYA level down. Getting CYA under control is critical because with super high CYA, the levels of FC required to clear your pool will be astronomical.
    Chlorine CYA Chart

    We really can't give any recommendations without a full set of test results (preferably from one of the recommended test kits since pool store testing is so unreliable)

    In the mean time here are some more articles that may help you understand the philosophy her at TFP:

    What is TFPC?
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    Basic Pool Care Schedule
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool
    Chlorine CYA Chart
    Recommended Levels
    SLAMing Your Pool
    Test Kits Compared
    TFP Method Advanced Intermediate
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    Helpful Links: Pool School, BBB for Beginners, How to Shock ('s a process not a product), Chlorine/CYA Chart, Jason's Pool Calculator

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