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Thread: I Just Need a Few Quick Answers AA Treatment

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    I Just Need a Few Quick Answers AA Treatment

    I have added my aa for my treatment to get rid of my reoccurring metal staining, but I have a few quick questions. The stains are all gone and the pool looks fabulous! My test results are:

    FC .5
    Ph 6.5
    CYA 55
    TA 110

    I lowered the Ph and TA using muriatic acid, my TA was 150 ish and i wanted to bring it down and it brought it to the 110 it is now. I have added about 12 oz of powdered Borax to try to raise my Ph. It was all i had on hand. I also have my return pointed up trying to aerate as well. My goal this go round with the treatment was to drain most of my pool after sequestering and refilling the pool.


    Can I go ahead and add my sequestrant even though my Ph is still low? I added the ascorbic acid about 3 hours ago and the Borax about 30 min ago.

    How can I raise the Ph without raising the TA?

    How long after adding the sequestrant should I backwash and drain?

    My fill water tested at 170 TA, so once I refill i am still going to have to lower it. What is the best way to do this? I suspect the reason for my stains returning is that my Ph always rises fast, and i think it might be the TA. Any help would be appreciated!

    I believe the metal staining is due to the tabs the previous owners were using, I was told they contained copper. I also had a few rusty screws around my skimmer basket that i have replace with stainless. HOPEFULLY once I do this treatment and drain i won't have any more problems.
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    Re: I Just Need a Few Quick Answers AA Treatment

    If you are draining and replacing most/all of your water, you can just go ahead and do that as soon as the stains are all gone. I'd give it a few hours more in case there are some minor stains still vanishing that you haven't noticed, but that isn't really necessary if you have looked around carefully.

    If you are not replacing most/all of the water you will want to raise the PH to around 6.8 and add sequestrant before doing a partial drain. Again, a few more hours would be playing it safe. Also, add sequestrant and wait several hours before raising the PH further.

    Aeration is the only way to raise PH without raising TA. If you are in a hurry, borax is the best you can do, though it will raise TA some, as aeration takes a while.

    See the article in the How To section of Pool School on how to lower TA. It takes a while even when everything is going perfectly.
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