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Thread: Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

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    Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

    Pool Dummy w/ 18' ag (+/-7500 gal.?) looking for quick suggestion.

    Last year I found out about the BBB method on the PoolForum (which I guess has disappeared?). If I remember correctly someone gave me a simple suggestion of 1 1/2 cups 6% Bleach ea night and my pool was crystal clear until I closed it.
    I was a happy guy! :P

    Over the Winter I lost my 16 year old liner and had to go thru a replacement job. (What a project! Tip - Don't build a surrounding deck out over your top rails!)
    18' pool has been refilled, 1 1/2hp DE filter running, Pool has been shocked (Turned green but now clear)
    I also have a Auto-Chlorinator w/ Slo-Tabs that I ran at lowest setting and bumped up when we went on Vacation.

    Until I can afford a good test kit (right now I've got the little yellow/orange colored jobie), can anyone suggest if the 1 1/2 cups 6% Bleach ea. night sounds like it would be in the right ball-park????

    Thanks for any help ya can give!
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    Re: Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

    Without the auto-chlorinator you would probably want 3 cups of 6% bleach each evening. With the auto-chlorinator, it is a little more difficult to say.
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    Re: Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

    With my 20ft diameter above ground pool, 4ft deep, 40 CYA, I use 1 or a little over cups 10 percent. For 6 percent, if you are not using your auto chlorinator, you would want to use, as Jason said, 3 cups, more or less, depending on the amount of sun you get, your CYA level, etc.

    I take it you have an OTO test kit. You can get a pretty accurate feel of your chlorine use just by testing the chlorine level with it every evening and adding bleach to get it to your target level.
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    Re: Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

    Yup, we have the same size and are averaging about 3 cups daily or closer to 5 if I've left a day in between.
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    Re: Any 18' AG owners using BBB ??

    Yeah, PoolForum is still going. We were down yesterday but back up today.

    Chlorine rule of thumb method for B-B-B:

    1 gallon of bleach adds its concentration to 10,000 gallons of water.

    So 1 gal of 6% adds 6ppm to 10,000 gallons.

    For you, 3/4 of a gallon of 6% will add 6ppm to your pool (which at 7,500 gallons is 3/4 of 10,000). That's 3 quarts. Each quart will add 2ppm.

    If you use regular 5.25% bleach, 3 quarts will add 5.25ppm to your pool. See how it works?

    I started using B-B-B on a 15' x 3' Intex EasySet donut--it wasn't called B-B-B then. SOMEBODY came up with that term, 'way back in pre-historic times....
    Stay ahead of your water!

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