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Thread: New fiberglass liner. What to do after new water fill

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    New fiberglass liner. What to do after new water fill

    Purchasing a new house and the pool needs relining. Taking care of it with escrow. What needs to happen after it is refilled with water?

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    Re: New fiberglass liner. What to do after new water fill

    Welcome to TFP.

    Once the liner is in place, the water will need to be balanced. You can do that by following these educational links found in Pool School.

    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool
    Chlorine CYA Chart
    Test Kit Comparison
    Recommended Levels
    What is Trouble Free Pool Care?
    Pool Calculator Instructions

    If you still have questions, just ask!
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    Re: New fiberglass liner. What to do after new water fill


    1) Order a proper test kit. You likely won't find the right one in stock at a pool store and they'll sell you the K-2005 and tell you it's the K-2006 and it's not. Best value for the buck is here or here
    2) Read those links listed above by Casey.
    3) Fill the pool
    4) Get the pump going, check for flow in the skimmers and out the returns, make sure nothing's leaking.
    5) Add enough plain bleach or pool chlorine to get to 3 FC (for your zero CYA level) It's too hot and sunny in Buckersfield to delay. You just pour it in front of the return stream and watch the yellow clouds disappear.
    6) Mess around weighing out stabilizer granules into old socks and setting them in the skimmer or devising a way to hang them in front of the returns if there's too much for the skimmer. See the picture below. Target 40 CYA. You may want it higher where you live, but until you're positive of the pool volume, it's better to aim low. It's easy to add more later.
    7) By the time the CYA is set up to dissolve, you've had enough circulation to start testing the water. The FC won't have changed much, and the CYA won't be even beginning to dissolve, so skip them. Odds are, your CH will be okay, pH and TA will probably be high. If pH is above 7.8, add acid to target 7.4 using poolmath. Again, you don't know 100% what the volume is, so don't go for 7.2 or you might overshoot and drive pH too low. Pour it in front of the return, too. I've never had to add Calcium Increaser, Borax, or Baking Soda. You probably won't have to, either.
    8) Take the kids inside and get them changed and let them get in and finish mixing everything.

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